Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.12 Dine or Dash?
On this week's Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay once again proved that I shouldn't gamble any actual money on my weekly Hell's Kitchen predictions. It is very depressing to be repeatedly outwitted by a reality show. A reality show on Fox.

But I was, and while I thought for sure Jen was being built up to be the baddie contestant of the final two, it turns out she was actually about to be ushered out the door. Ramsay was impressed by the service the final four pulled off, but it was not without its issues. Which chef's food made us want to Dine and which would inspire us to Dash?


Christina had a strong episode this week on Hell's Kitchen. She won the individual challenge, and managed to send out good food during service. Oh sure, she burnt Gordon Ramsay's hand, but the diners weren't there to eat his hand, so I found it appropriate that he seemed a smidge less incensed about being burned (twice) than he usually does when he is screaming about something being raw or demanding his meat or berating a chef for not seasoning properly.


Christina is alone in that column because this week, there were good reasons to stick the others in the bottom. Petrozza seems like he can really make some delicious food, but if I got a peek into his sloppy kitchen, I don't know how appetizing I would find the prospect of eating it. Jen couldn't focus well enough to make her risotto consistent. Corey appeared to do fairly well with all of her dishes, but sending out undercooked fish was a move of desperation and even she seemed to know it was a bonehead move.

Ultimately, it was Jen who was sent home because of her inconsistent attitude. Does anyone else find it a bit perplexing that a man who's built his fortune on screaming at people sends someone – ANYONE – home for personality? Christina, Corey and Petrozza better stay on an even keel during next week's episode or risk narrowly missing the final two spots in this season of Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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