Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.11 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, the slab of dead weight known as Matt finally received his long overdue walking papers.  The chef had broken every culinary rule in existence since the season began, but he finally went home after screwing things up on the meat station once again.  In addition to that, he also handled Gordon Ramsay's criticism like a five-year-old, moping around and making up excuses for his poor performance.  Good riddance to bad rubbish, as the Brits might say.

On tonight's episode, sexy housewives invade the kitchen to pick up tips on how to prepare a gourmet meal.  Are these really the chefs you want to turn to for culinary advice? 

The five remaining chefs are not crying in their beers over Matt's elimination.  Imagine that.  The women, however, are a bit worried about Jen's presence in the kitchen.  They think that she's going to cause major drama now that it's down to the final five.

The next day, the chefs watch as Ramsay teaches them how to make a lobster spaghetti.  He walks them through it step by step without yelling or kicking anything, then tells them that they're opening the Hell's Kitchen cooking school.  Each chef is assigned one sexy housewife and told to teach her the lobster spaghetti recipe.  This will probably end in tears, burnt hair extensions, and broken press-on nails, but let's get started!

Christina is worried that her housewife is going to chop her finger off, while Petrozza gets overly excited while placing the apron on his student.  Creepy.  Bobby's protege screams bloody murder when she has to dump a live lobster in boiling water, but Corey's girl actually has a head on her shoulders.  As for Jen, she attempts to do some chopping for her housewife, which is against the rules of the competition.  The chefs can observe, but not offer any help.

It's time for Ramsay to taste the dish's dishes.  Petrozza allowed the pasta to overcook while he was distracted by his housewife's hotness, while Bobby and Jen also failed as teachers.  Corey and Christina both excelled in the competition, but Christina is deemed the winner.  For kicking butt in the challenge, she gets to have lunch with Gordon and two of L.A.'s premiere restaurateurs.  The losers, meanwhile, get to stay behind and clean things like they always do.

It's impossible to clean things in Hell's Kitchen without bitching about it, which is something we learn week after week.  Corey is pissed at Christina and thinks that winning the challenge is going to inflate her ego.  Her ego can't possibly get as big as Jen's, so who cares?  While master chefs Ben Ford and Mark Peele are meeting with Christina, Jen eavesdrops and eats the food they leave behind.  Mmm, leftovers.

When Christina comes back from her date with Peele and Ford, she immediately starts name-dropping and throwing around fancy culinary terms.  Maybe her ego can rival Jen's after all.  Ramsay gathers everyone together and announces that there will be a table of 12 arriving at the restaurant this evening, which means a heck of a lot of appetizers, entrées , and desserts going out at the same time.  The chefs are going to be busier than ever, but can they handle it?

Hell's Kitchen is open!  Let's kick back and watch as everything quickly goes downhill.  Christina is on the appetizer station tonight, and though she gets off to a rocky start she quickly starts sending out good food. Bobby kicks things off by serving up shoddy meat, but he vows to improve so Ramsay won't have to scream at him all night.

Jean Philippe overhears Ramsay screaming "IT'S RAW!" at Jen while she works on the fish station, so he immediately tells the wait staff to sell the meat.  However, that plan backfires when Bobby serves up beef dishes that look like charred cow dung.  Maybe he should tell people to order vegetarian dishes instead.  Surely Petrozza can't screw up the vegetable station too badly, right?

A John Dory dish has magically appeared on the serving counter at the wrong time, but Jen claims she didn't put it there.  Ramsay screams at her to own up to her mistakes, but of course Jen pretends that devious leprechauns are responsible for the fish plate.  Ramsay tells her to improve her attitude and speed up, otherwise she's going home.

On a random note, I kind of love the sous chefs on this show.  They don't get much screen time, but they seem just as mean and intimidating as Ramsay.  They scare me.

The table of 12 bikini models arrives at the restaurant, forcing the chefs to kick things up a notch.  Christina and Corey need to organize the appetizers so they all go out at the same time, which isn't as easy as it sounds.  However, the girls pull it together and successfully deliver the dishes on time.  It's nice to see at least two chefs doing things right on this show.

Petrozza, Bobby and Jen are responsible for getting the 12 entrées together, but things don't go smoothly. Jen is slow and serving up raw fish, which forces Ramsay to take over the station and do it himself. Meanwhile, Petrozza fails to communicate with Ramsay properly, and Bobby starts lighting meat on fire. Things are going downhill quickly.

Thanks to the wonders of editing, the chefs get their mojo back after the commercial break.  Entrées fly out of the kitchen and receive compliments from the Hawaiian Tropic models.  The dinner service comes to a close with everyone being served, but Ramsay still isn't happy.  He doesn't feel that the team showed unity, but he was impressed with Christina's work.  It's up to her to nominate two of her teammates for elimination.

When it comes time to face Ramsay, Christina serves Jen and Bobby up for elimination.  Jen is nominated because she's a terrible team player, while Bobby was inconsistent and performed poorly.  The person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight is. . .four star General Bobby.  That's the end for the self-proclaimed "black Gordon Ramsay."  Check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with the ousted chef.

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, Jen spouts the hilarious line, "It's like a heart attack dipped in a stroke with a side of cardiac arrest!"  I don't know what's going on next week, but I'm totally there.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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