Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.11 Predictions
This weekend, I went to see celebrity chef and Top Chef judge Anthony Bourdain speak. At one point, an audience member asked him what he thinks about Hell's Kitchen. He said that Gordon Ramsay is actually a great guy and an impressive chef. Bourdain also noted that at no stage in his own career was he at a level where Ramsay have hired him to work in one of Ramsay's restaurants, so the idea that any one of the contestants on Hell's Kitchen actually deserves a spot in a real Ramsay kitchen is absurd.

I don't think you actually have to have the experience of Anthony Bourdain to pretty much guess the same thing. While I'm sure the chefs on the show cook better than the average Joe, none of them has been able to perform convincingly at the level you would expect for a chef angling for a spot working for a three-Michelin-starred chef.

With Matt gone, there's no longer a completely obvious worst chef left, but there's also no real standouts for quality. Jen has probably had the strongest performance, but she's had her share of screw-ups as well. Bobby hasn't really had a major issue lately, but he's also occasionally seems like he might be a little too easy-going and/or self-confident and that opens the door for errors. Petrozza makes food that Ramsay likes, but he's messy. Corey has been strong at points, but she's also faltered.

But I think the person who is looking most likely to head home this week is probably Christina. Ramsay's gone from pointing out her intelligence to noting her few years of experience. All of the chefs seem tired and prone to error and emotional breakdowns, but it seems like Ramsay has already decided that Christina might just not yet have what it takes to make it in one of his kitchen.

We'll see who does head home when Hell's Kitchen airs Tuesday night.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Fox)