Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.10 Predictions
On Hell's Kitchen last week, energetic Louross was sent home due to the lack of faith both his teammate Petrozza and Gordon Ramsay had in his ultimate ability in the kitchen. But he wasn't alone on the chopping block. Matt turned out to not be the asset to the Red Team that he had briefly appeared to be, and Ramsay decided to send him back to the Blue Team, and bring Miss Congeniality Jen back to the Red.

With the teams back to boys and girls, what is looking likely to happen on Hell's Kitchen this week?

I can't imagine that Matt can squeak by for another week, but with Jen back on the women's team – and the negative turn her story has taken – I suppose she could be at risk as well. No matter how ornery she gets, and no matter how much her teammates dislike her, however, Jen can stay safe so long as she keeps her sass directed at her team (not Ramsay) and maintains a strong performance level. Ramsay doesn't need his chefs to be liked, but he won't overlook backtalk and poor cooking.

Petrozza's attitude has impressed Ramsay, but his messiness in the kitchen has not. “P for Petrozza, P for PIIIIIIIIIG!” as Ramsay put it recently. A man as tightly wound as Ramsay can't tolerate that kind of chaos forever. Petrozza better clean it up – literally – or risk heading home.

But I am still putting my money on Matt heading home. He'd have to pull off some kind of display of miraculous competence to undo the damage he's done to his own image through recent weeks. Maybe if Bobby and Petrozza are suddenly felled by an unfortunate tandem slip-and-fall, and Matt has to manage all of the station himself, and he does so while glowing and levitating…maybe then he could stick around for another week. Other than that then, I'd eat Craig's chef's hat if he makes it through to the final five on Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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