Hell's Kitchen: Dave Never Wanted to Go Home
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
No duh.

But probably the question on most Hell's Kitchen fans after Dave won this week was: would he have won if he didn't have a cool catchphrase like the one-arm bandit? Would he have won if he had use of both hands and therefore no novelty? Would he have won, then, if he didn't injure himself in the firemen episode?

Yes, we were on the edge of our seats toward the end of the season when we thought he'd be sent home because of his injuries (that were getting worse by the day). For Dave, dropping out of Hell's Kitchen was out of the question, and Gordon Ramsay wouldn't let him go either, he tells Reality Wanted.

"There was never a thought that I wanted to go home but I thought they might make me go home.  I met with Chef Ramsay in his office and he said, 'If you're game, it's cool with me.'  My focus was not to think about the big picture, but just to take it day by day."

Was he suffering all throughout then? Not really, he said, primarily because he knows how to man the kitchen with only one hand.

"I have worked before with a broken wrist.  I've done it before and I knew what to do.  I always had to pay the bills.  I knew to keep the cast clean.  It was a little painful but it wasn't the end of me.  I just took ibuprofen and went on with the competition."

(By the way, I've read the comments, and I don't for a second buy the Amanda Saboteur Theory.)

Dave also told Reality Wanted that he recently spent a couple of days at Araxi to spend time with the executive chef (that mean-looking dude in the final dinner service) and the staff. "I'm going to be working in New Jersey for a few more months and when the Olympics head there, I'll be going too."

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality Wanted
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