Hell's Kitchen: Ariel, Dave, or Kevin?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
From 17 contestants on Hell's Kitchen, three remain - Ariel (downward spiral), Dave (one-armed), and Kevin (jerk). Did the best three chefs make it to the final three? I would say so. Did Tennille deserved to go last week? Yes. And as much as I liked her (masochism probably), she is the least capable of the four chefs, a fact that was revealed in the episode's reward challenge when she won, as judged by kids. It was also evidenced during the last dinner service, when she screwed up the scallops and sea bass big time - maybe something about the makeover?

En route to Wednesday's two-hour finale, let's discuss the chances of the final three in winning Hell's Kitchen.

1. Ariel - Ariel has sort of flew under the radar en route to being the last lady standing this season. She had a few bumps here and there toward the latter part, but even then we knew she would make it all the way, because she had been the most consistent among the girls. She just needs to focus and hope the other two screw up somehow. There are questions on whether or not she can step up and take a leadership role in the kitchen. My answer to that is a resounding yes.

2. Dave - Of course, naturally, you root for Dave. The guy's pushing it with his arm, as what we saw in last week's dinner service when he nearly blacked out. Yes, we also wanted to punch Kevin because we were rooting for Dave to get those lambs out, and Kevin was all like, get him out of here, he's unfit.

It's always sad and unfair for anybody to be out of contention for stuff that are out of their control. So I'm with Dave when he demands to be judged based on his skills, and not the dexterity of his bad arm. Just consider: if one-armed Dave can slug it off with these two people, then what more can he do with two good arms? Clearly, the one-armed injury factor can work either way for him.

3. Kevin - "I knew I'd be here." That's what Kevin said when the field was narrowed down to the final three, and it pretty much sums up how his attitude has been on the way here. Fortunately or not, Hell's Kitchen isn't American Idol and you can vote off jerks. Skills wise, it is indeed Kevin who has proven to be the most consistent thus far. Except for an oversight here and there (most memorably the overcooked rice of a few episodes back), Kevin had been consistent. However, when he called himself Mr. Consistent himself, it was just weird and off-putting.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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