'Hell's Kitchen': Analyzing The Final Two
After weeks of screaming at chefs, throwing food in their faces, and kicking them out of his kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay has narrowed it down to the final two on Hell's Kitchen.  Competing for the position of head chef at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas are 26-year-old Bonnie Muirhead and 30-year-old Rock Harper.  Before coming on the show, Bonnie was a nanny/personal chef and Rock was an executive chef.  But which one will emerge the victor?  Let's analyze the two with a little help from former Hell's Kitchen contestant, Brad Miller.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised that Bonnie and Rock ended up in the final two and I'm not the only one.  What does Brad have to say about it?  "I am surprised Bonnie and Rock were in the finals," he confesses.  "To be honest, I thought I'd be in the final two.  But I'm really proud of Bonnie, she is cool and Rock is a great guy and a great friend of mine."

If we're going to judge by who's been nominated the most, then Rock should be the clear winner.  Bonnie has gone up three times and was chosen to stay each time as Vinnie, Melissa, and Brad all left before her.  Rock has only been put up once, towards the end, against Josh who ended up leaving. 

Both have had their less than perfect moments on the show.  In the first episode, Bonnie couldn't even fry an egg while midway through the season, Rock flipped out over having to pick up garbage.  In challenges, Bonnie (along with her team) has Rock (along with his team) beat 5-2.  However, in episode six, they faced off against each other in a lobster challenge and Rock won. 

In the last episode, for the last challenge, Bonnie won the signature dish challenge.  Bonnie made pasta while Rock chose fried chicken with crab cakes.  "I wasn't surprised at all Bonnie won the last challenge," Miller said.  "Rock's signature dish is a very unusual flavor combination.  It took me by surprise when I first tried it but I'll tell you what.  I ended up appreciating it in the long run."  So if we're going to judge by who's won the most challenges, then Bonnie should take it.

On Monday night's finale, the final dinner service will take place.  Bonnie and Rock each designed their own restaurant from the decor to the menu.  They chose between the last six contestants eliminated to be part of their team.  Not surprisingly, Rock chose the men while Bonnie chose the women.  Was Brad surprised to be chosen first by Rock?  "I knew Rock was going to pick me the first chance he got," Miller dishes.  "Not to sound cocky, I knew he'd take me because of my skill level."

So who is going to win?  If I had to guess, I'd go with Bonnie only because Chef Ramsay has been partial to her and has been all season, but don't expect Rock to go down without a fight.  And don't count out the previously eliminated chefs to throw off Bonnie and Rock's game plans.  It will definitely be an interesting night on Monday's finale of Hell's Kitchen!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: FOX
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