'Hell's Kitchen': A Golden Anniversary, a Hula Hoop & Too Much Wine
'Hell's Kitchen': A Golden Anniversary, a Hula Hoop & Too Much Wine
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

On tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen, we got to see how things were affected on the red team with Benjamin in charge. The evening began with Chef Gordon Ramsay announcing that the dinner service would celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.

A Golden Anniversary

The teams were challenged to update three dishes that the anniversary couple requested for their dinner. The dishes had been served at their wedding reception 50 years ago. That's very romantic!

The red team won the challenge and got to dress in 1950s style, ride in 1950s convertibles and go to a 19550s style diner. While they were there, they all tried their hand at the hula-hoop. Siobhan was by far the best with her hula-hoop and won a huge trophy.

Meanwhile, the blue team had to stay and transform the dining room for the celebration, including the creation of a three-tiered anniversary cake.

At dinner service, Salvatore kept making mistakes and his teammates were losing patience with him. But the red team was the night's loser again anyway. They had to nominate two people for elimination.

A Strange Elimination

They nominated Fran & Siobhan. Ben & Holli told Chef that Siobhan is not a good cook. Chef told them that they both could stay and he sent Salvatore home from the blue team. It was the strangest elimination ever. The winning team was the one to lose a member.

The French Dip

Chef called and told the chefs to get up and be ready to go to one of the oldest and most famous French restaurants in LA. It was a French dipped sandwich shop. It was over 100 years and was the originator of the French dip.

When they got back to Hell's Kitchen, their challenge was to create an amazing, original gourmet sandwich in 30 minutes.

Chef told the red team to choose one sandwich not to compete to make the teams even. They chose to exclude Siobhan's sandwich. When the teams were tied, Chef tasted Siobhan's sandwich. He told the red team that Siobhan's sandwich was better than Fran's and since they didn't send it, the blue team won the challenge.

Her Sandwich is Better, So Her Team Lost...

The red team had to make fresh, smooth peanut butter for the next dinner service.

The blue team got to go to the wine country via private jet. They came back totally trashed and were hung over the next day.

A Tragically Bad Dinner Service

Dinner ser vice this time went so badly that both teams were kicked out of the kitchen during dinner service. Chef had each team nominate two people. Blue team nominated Autumn and Ed. The red team nominated Siobhan & Fran. Chef sent Siobhan home.

Do you agree with the two chefs that were sent home tonight? Do you think someone else deserved to go instead?

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for the most outrageous moments of tonight's episode.

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