Happy(?) 100th, 'Hell's Kitchen'!
Happy(?) 100th, 'Hell's Kitchen'!
Tonight, Hell's Kitchen celebrated its 100th service with an ugly cake, a visit from four past winners and a couple of recurring stars from Glee. Whoopee! Now that's what I call a party.

Before that, though, the chefs had a bigger challenge, feeding Gordon Ramsay's kids during Family Night and for the first time in a long time, it wasn't a total fiasco.

The first hour of Hell's Kitchen was one of the most boring to date. Going on the idea that a good chef takes chances, they brought a roulette wheel into the dining room and Nona got way too excited. The idea was one of their dumbest. Instead of numbers, the wheel had letters. The chefs had to spin, then name a food that started with the first letter of the space that their ball landed in. That was silly enough, but then they had to cook a dish that used the ingredients they chose. With all the ingredients in the world, you'd think they'd come up with something great but both teams went off the rails. The guys ended up with kale, yams, asparagus, miso and striped bass (for "s" which seems like cheating.)

The red team had to use rutabaga, cauliflower, bok choy, fennel and salmon. Instead of mashing the rutabaga with the cauliflower, they went with rutabaga chips and that hurt the team. Still, the blues took another hit when Ramsay called them on boring vegetables. The prize for the winners was a night in Las Vegas, which tied into the roulette table but had little to do with the family night theme of the evening. They should have saved the Knotts Berry Farm win for family night. Right?

Service went as smooth as can be expected in Hell's Kitchen. Vinny got called on using a left over portion of risotto in order to rush the plates to the Ramsay family table and Rob couldn't heat up mac and cheese. On the red side, Sabrina and Trev got into it but it was nothing out of the ordinary. With service complete, Ramsay still asked for heads to put on the chopping block, then scared the heck out of Nona and Rob before announcing that no one was going home.

For the chefs, it was a great reprieve, but for us viewers, not so much. Come back here tomorrow for a closer look at Hell's Kitchen's 100th service. 

CR: Patrick Wymore/FOX