Amanda Says Goodbye on 'Hell's Kitchen'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
New York sous chef Amanda became the ninth person to head out of Hell's Kitchen, and one of the few to get the boot despite not being nominated. Suzanne was one of the nominees because she lacked team work, while Sabrina's head was on the chopping block for not taking on the leadership role; that, and for sending out raw meat.

Last night's episode included a taste test challenge, where the chefs went head-to-head in trying to identify four foods (except Tennille, who sat the challenge out to even things out, to the delight of Suzanne). Andy kind of felt he had the challenge in the bag because he claimed he could taste ingredients others couldn't. The women eventually won the challenge, and the reward was a special dinner in the dark. The men's team, meanwhile, had to make do with polishing glasses and make all the sorbet for dinner service from hand.

When dinner service came, surprise, surprise, tension erupted between Suzanne and Tennille, when Tennille told her the scallops were too dark. Good for Suzanne because Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay thought they were fine. What followed was Sabrina sending out raw meat, which predictably earned the ire of Gordon Ramsay. What the host didn't know was that Suzanne had been continuously bugging her to send out the lamb.

On the men's side, Andy underestimated the number of lambs they would need that night, and he had to tell Ramsay that they may run out of potatoes. The host wouldn't hear of it, but when they did run out, Andy had the sad task of telling the tables that they did.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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