Spoiler Alert: 'Hell On Wheels' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Hell On Wheels' Spoilers
After the recent successes of The Walking Dead and The Killing, AMC has yet another new drama up its sleeve. Not a lot is known about the Western Hell On Wheels, but some speculation can be undertaken.

Murder Mystery

Like almost every show on AMC, Hell On Wheels' main character, a Confederate soldier played by Anson Mount, has a twisted past that haunts him. You see, he finds work building the transcontinental railroad. But what he really wants is to seek revenge on the soldiers who killed his wife. How, then, will he go about finding these soldiers?

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We're talking about a time when putting on shades, staring at the horizon and mumbling senseless one-liners won't accomplish much, and bones, though an endless supply might be laying around, won't give up the identity of a murderer. Maybe our main character will go The Mentalist road and unmask the killers through sheer observation, intuition and force of will. But most likely it will be a lot of lofty talk and some honest-to-God fisticuffs.

Social Conflict

One thing that has come over the wire so far is that the show will also focus on social changes of the time, as evidenced by the presence of some black workers. In one preview that has been floating around the interwebs, one of them is seemingly steeling himself to kill someone. Just who might this someone be? A white supremacist who has stepped over the line? A cheating lover pushing him over the brink? Or, probably more likely given the clip, a political opponent?

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One thing is certain, Hell On Wheels can only gain by treating social problems, as they were abundant during that period and will make for compelling and relevant drama. What are you expecting from Hell On Wheels? Can it replace Deadwood? And if not, can it at least be a relevant drama? Discuss in the comments!

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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