'Hell On Wheels' Season 1 Preview Guide: Old West Show Gains Steam
'Hell On Wheels' Season 1 Preview Guide: Old West Show Gains Steam
After the recent successes of The Walking Dead and The Killing, AMC is ready to unleash yet another new drama this October with Hell On Wheels. This period drama follows a confederate soldier (Anson Mount) who ends up working on the transcontinental railroad. He is also seeking revenge on the soldiers who killed his wife. Seems like AMC hasn't had enough of twisted heroes in their roster just yet.

The Deadwood-type Western fits AMC's brand well, and the cinematic nature of the open West will ensure that Hell On Wheels season 1 at least looks good. Penned by brothers Joe and Tony Gayton, the pilot was shown to critics recently and garnered mixed reactions. But with an all-American story like this one, the great West as a backdrop and the full support of a network that is known for compelling drama, there is hope for greatness here for sure.

Hell on Wheels season 1 also stars Colm Meaney as a ruthless entrepreneur who uses the hard economic times to exploit people, rapper Common as an emancipated slave trying to build a new life for himself and Dominique McElligott. Now let's hope that there won't be as much behind-the-scenes drama as with The Walking Dead's recent showrunner switcheroo and our anticipation can begin to build.

Can Hell On Wheels replace Deadwood? Let's find out when Hell on Wheels season 1 premieres November 6 at 10pm.

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of AMC)