'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Outsiders Take Control
'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Outsiders Take Control
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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For the first five weeks of Big Brother 16, the original Bomb Squad (and its subset, the Detonators) have controlled the house. In this episode, there's finally some fresh blood in charge, which has some people worried and others excited. However, the Battle of the Block twist continues to make genuinely big moves virtually impossible as the weakest competitors are once again nominated.

The HoH Competition

The episode picks up with the cliffhanger marathon HoH quiz competition. After 12 rounds of questions, Caleb, Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Zach remain. Julie Chen goes straight to a tie-breaker for the number of seconds last week's PoV lasted (which Hayden won). The answer is just over 500. Caleb and Zach go way over, Donny says 820, Nicole says 900 and Hayden goes with 901. Donny and Nicole are the new HoHs!

Donny is happy to work with Nicole while Zach acts upset, but he lost on purpose. Frankie is worried that he doesn't have complete control of the HoHs while Derrick wonders if Donny will stick with Team America since he refused the last mission. Jocasta cries because she keeps losing competitions while Derrick assures her that she's safe.

When they get their HoH room, Frankie is, of course, jumping and skipping and screaming the whole time. Caleb instantly falls in love with Nicole's BFF Mariah, which makes Nicole (and probably Mariah) very worried. Donny's letter is from his girlfriend Christine, and it's adorable. Donny cries and laughs when she writes about missing his kisses and his massages with his wonderful hands.

The Plan

Nicole and Donny agree to work with Hayden because they both respect him and think he's smart. Donny brings up that Cody, Derrick and Frankie have never been nominated. Nicole wants to make a big move by putting some guys on the block since girls always go home.

Zach offers for Nicole to nominate him, hoping that it's reverse psychology. She's not willing to play his games, and later he tries to reverse his own plan by begging her not to be nominated.

Nicole tells Derrick that she might backdoor Frankie because he's playing everyone. Derrick pretends to go along with it, but doesn't want him gone at all because of Team America.

Derrick and Frankie throw a bit of a temper tantrum because Donny refused to do the latest Team America mission, talking about how they never put him up when they were HoHs. Yeah, they just made Caleb, Nicole and Cody do it. Later, Donny tells Derrick and Frankie that he will not nominate them at all. Derrick tells Donny that putting up Jocasta and Victoria will be the easiest thing while Frankie stays silent because he doesn't care now that he's safe.

CBS is being extremely misleading, because Frankie was telling everyone on Wednesday night to backdoor Donny this week. The show is definitely giving Frankie the world's nicest edit, but live feed viewers know the truth.

Caleb doesn't want to get nominated, but Donny points out that Caleb nominated him in week 1 and he knows he was the target because Devin said so. The Beastmode Cowboy tells us that he'll come after Donny if he's on the block, especially if it's with Victoria.

When Nicole, Donny and Hayden meet up, they decide to put up the two weak girls, each with a strong guy. Ugh, this is going to backfire so hard and they don't even know it. When Hayden and Nicole bring up trying to backdoor Frankie, Donny says he wouldn't do it, but he'd be fine with it. He tells us that he would vote against Frankie because he thinks Frankie would backdoor him. Yeah, because Frankie said that to Hayden (and all of the Detonators) and Hayden told Donny, not that CBS put any of that on TV because they are clearly trying to protect the image of Ariana Grande's brother.

The Nominations

Nicole wants to send a great competitor out the door because the same people are running this house. Donny wants to avoid making himself a target.

Nicole nominates Jocasta and Zach, saying that she looked up "super villain" in the Big Brother Dictionary, and all she saw was Evel Dick because Zach is too "cute and innocent."

Donny nominates Caleb and Victoria
, saying that Caleb was the first person to nominate him and this is tit for tat while Victoria's blood is already on so many hands that it's diluted on his.

Like every week, everyone tells the HoHs how good they were. Zach is exceedingly cocky about how he's the cat, Nicole is the mouse and he's coming after her because he has the numbers behind him.

Showmance Filler

Hayden and Nicole play pool, with Nicole "accidentally" hopping the ball into his junk. He claims it's because she's jealous of him and Victoria. Elsewhere, Zach continues to talk about how he can't wait for his "intercourse date" with Frankie. But he's totally straight, right?

The Battle of the Block

Zach is confident that he will crush Caleb and Victoria because they are both jokes, going over strategy with Jocasta. Victoria and Caleb also agree to communicate, even if it means Caleb needs to yell at her. For the first time, I feel like this is a genuine battle.

The competition requires the pairs to set up a series of dominos, and the path involves some dominos that have punishments on them. The winning duo will have to take whatever three punishments their domino path goes through.

Victoria is a beast in this competition. She and Caleb go for Shave Head, Adam and Eve and Slop for 2 Weeks as their punishments. Zach and Jocasta go for Manure Bath, No HoH (they can't play next week) and Slop for 2 Weeks.

They both miss on their first attempt, but Caleb and Victoria's path stops quickly while Zach and Jocasta have to reset almost all of their dominos. That gives the other team the edge, and Caleb and Victoria win the Battle of the Block!

Donny is dethroned and dunked, but Caleb and Victoria must eat slop for two weeks, one of them will have their head shaved and they must wear fig leaf bathing suits for 48 hours while being chained together. Congratulations on winning!

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