'Big Brother 16' Recap: Amber vs. Jocasta in the Week 5 Live Eviction
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Amber vs. Jocasta in the Week 5 Live Eviction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Another woman is about to leave the Big Brother 16 house. After a week where all five remaining female HGs were put on the block and everyone conspired to turn Caleb against Amber, we've reached the fifth eviction between Amber and Jocasta.

Tonight promises to be filled with excitement, especially since the new Team America mission could go into effect (or it could not, which might cause even more drama). Will Derrick and Donny throw two votes against the majority to cause chaos? Who will become the new HoHs? And how disappointed will the HGs be when they learn that it's NOT a double eviction like they all assume?

BUT FIRST...this is Big Brother 16!

Julie Chen snarks that hopeless romantic Caleb's love for Amber is "just plain hopeless." ZING!

After the PoV

Following Zach's crazy speech, Amber instantly knows that the guys, including Frankie, planned it. She asks Frankie why he didn't put Zach up. Christine leaves and Frankie doesn't have a real answer, claiming that he doesn't know what's going on and blames Caleb for making him put her up.

Amber then goes to Caleb, who sadly confirms Frankie's story because he genuinely believes he's responsible. She is just confused and angry and Caleb starts to think he's made a huge mistake. He apologizes while throwing the entire Bomb Squad under the bus by saying they all knew this was going to happen. She now knows she can't trust anyone.

Caleb talks to Frankie, who simply mirrors Caleb's emotions and says he'll feel like an idiot if she goes home, lying, hugging Caleb and turning on the waterworks. He's so fake, but tells the diary room that he's legitimately trying to comfort Caleb. Frankie gets a new look of fear when Caleb says he'll go off on his own if she goes home.

Later, Zach asks Amber if she likes Caleb. She cries and leaves. Christine goes to "comfort" her, and Amber vents to someone she thinks is a friend about how she would go after Caleb. Christine takes this info back to the Detonators, thinking it will make them want to keep her so she can go after Caleb. Christine is not that smart, because Frankie immediately wants to use this info to turn Caleb against Amber so they can keep him, evict Amber and stick with the guys.

Frankie does the opposite of what Christine wanted, telling Caleb that he's heard Amber is coming after him. He is upset and storms off while Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Zach beg him to stay. He now feels betrayed by his heart.

Julie and the HGs

She offers condolences to Derrick. I hope that doesn't become a regular thing. Zach once again says that he hates everyone in the room, which is why he delivered his speeches. Julie calls it an interesting strategy. Nicole took it as a compliment because she likes Fruit Loops and a dingus is an adorably quirky person. Caleb boasts about his fashion choices because he's metrosexual and Frankie is rubbing off on him.

Team America

Late last night, Team America got its new mission, to vote against the majority and publicly blame two other HGs on the live show. Derrick knows that it's tough and could put their long-term games in jeopardy. He wakes up Donny, who is scared out of his mind. Derrick already suggests throwing Caleb and Zach under the bus, but Donny doesn't want to do it because he's not the kind of person who would do something like this.

Frankie pushes hard to do it, thinking everyone would believe Caleb and Zach did it. But Donny stands his ground that he doesn't want to let Team America mess up his game. Even though he doesn't want to do what "America' says, that somehow makes me love and respect Donny even more.

The Vote

Amber's speech is emotional and claims she played an honest and loyal game. Jocasta praises God first and brings a ton of sass in her shout-outs.

Hayden votes to evict...Amber
Victoria votes to evict...Amber (the fakest of them all)
Donny votes to evict...Amber (he apologizes to America for failing the mission, but says it was too risky)
Derrick votes to evict...Amber (and throws Donny under the bus to the viewers, blaming him for not wanting to go through with the mission)
Zach votes to evict...Amber (gladly)
Caleb votes to evict...Amber (sadly)
Christine votes to evict...Amber
Cody votes to evict...Amber
Nicole votes to evict...Amber

Amber is evicted 9-0!

Yup, that's four unanimous votes in five weeks. And I don't want anyone saying that this wouldn't have happened if Team America did their mission. Producer-manipulated split votes don't count and wouldn't change anything.

Amber is shocked and makes it clear that she was NOT interested in Caleb and wasn't going to pretend to for money. That gets a cheer from the audience. She seems quite clueless about the betrayal and is proud that she didn't blow up anyone's game on her way out because it showed that she was a loyal person. Amber just sighs with exhaustion over the whole Caleb issue.

Goodbye Messages: Christine exposes the Detonators smugly and claims Caleb is next. Oh Christine, you are SO clueless. Donny is sweet and Caleb claims he's still the king of the castle. Somehow, Amber is actually happy about the Detonators so they'll take out Caleb. Amber foolishly thinks Donny is running the house. Wow. Finally, she tells us that she will NOT be Caleb's date to the finale.

The HoH Competition

There will still be two HoHs. Yesterday the HGs were shown a series of short video clips from competitions they've played in and Julie will ask them true or false questions about what they saw. If they get a question wrong, they're out.

Question 1: Everyone is right
Question 2: Jocasta is out
Question 3: Everyone is right
Question 4: Everyone is right
Question 5: Everyone is right
Question 6: Victoria, Christine and Derrick are out
Question 7: Everyone is right
Question 8: Everyone is right
Question 9: Everyone is right
Question 10: Everyone is right
Question 11: Cody is out
Question 12: Everyone is right

These HGs are too damn smart (or these questions are too easy) and Julie needs to go to a commercial, so the game stops for now with Zach, Nicole, Caleb, Donny and Hayden still in it.

Damn it, we won't find out who won until Sunday's episode. Or in a few short minutes if you come back for a spoiler article

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Julie adds that next week is double eviction! Yay!

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