'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Redemption Ain't Easy
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Redemption Ain't Easy
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week was a long and complicated premiere episode that included separating returning players from their loved ones, an immediate vote that sent two players straight to Redemption Island (well Laura got to re-join the game after her husband Rupert sacrificed himself to go to RI), and one of the newbies was sent home for her loved one's actions on the other tribe. Got all that? Good let's go.

Yoga Zen Crap

At Galang, Colton's true colors are already starting to show. He rolls his eyes at his tribe's massage train (I mean, to be fair, so did I) and says he's sick of all the "yoga zen crap" that they're all buying into. He thinks that his tribe mates aren't strategizing enough, and they really aren't. Aras has pretty much put a moratorium on talking strategy until they have to go to tribal council, which is kind of insane.

Brad and the men are sitting pretty over at Tadhana. Rachel notices that she's on the outside and tries mainly just to play it cool with the guys. She does approach John, who seems open to an alliance mostly as a way of keeping their five-man alliance strong after a merge.

Redemption Island

Everyone is very emotional at RI, especially when they bring out the new Tadhana tribe and they see which of their loved ones are gone.

Except Marissa, who is rightfully ticked, calls out her uncle Gervase for being a jerk-head and gloating so much that she got voted off. And if that's not bad enough, when Jeff gives Gervase a chance to take Marissa's spot in the RI competition to let her back in the game, he simply tells her, "take care of your business." Cold, Gervase.

Candace, Rupert and Marissa are competing in a challenge where they have to navigate a spool on the end of a long tool through an upright maze and stack ten spools on top of the structure. The first two people to finish stay in the game, and the first person gets a clue to where the hidden immunity idol is to give to whomever they please.

Candace and Rupert are even throughout the whole race until Rupert's tower tumbles. Candace wins the immunity clue, which of course she gives to her husband John, and Marissa makes up major ground to beat Rupert.

I'm not too sad to see Rupert leave so soon; he's played the game three times already and his act had been getting a little old. And it is nice that his wife actually gets to experience the game a little more too, although she surely won't be as much of as a character. Anyway, I'm fully on Team Marissa to beat everyone on RI now. Girl is not playing around.


Colton is going around to every person in his tribe individually and telling them lies to intentionally stir the pot. He complains that everyone has a positive attitude and that's really annoying to him. Kat seems to be the only person who wants to get Colton out the second they have the chance, knowing exactly what he's capable of having played with him before.

Speaking of Kat, Tina approached Kat because she was concerned that Colton was over-strategizing. Kat takes a moment to try and tell Colton to cool it and he flies completely off the handle. He tries to rile up Kat and Tina in front of the whole tribe, but to no avail.

The next day, their dislike for Colton's attitude brings Monica, Aras, Tina, Gervase and Tyson together. Aras refers to Colton as "the gay Russell Hantz," which is both an insult to gay people and Russell Hantz. Anyway, no one wants to have that negative energy in their tribe and they form an alliance to get rid of it when they can.


Things aren't quite as explosive at Tadhana. The men are in a strong alliance and are providing for their tribe with fish, and the women are being docile and cooking the rice like good women should.

The men discuss a new strategy for their next vote, now that they know a loved one can volunteer in place of the person voted out. They're all thinking Rachel should be next because they think Tyson would volunteer as tribute for her. John disagrees because not only does he think Rachel is more athletic, but he is nervous about Tyson being able to beat Candace on RI.

John has also decided to keep the hidden immunity idol clue to himself for a while, but has no luck finding it.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge this week is not only for immunity but for fishing gear. Each tribe has to send three members to roll one member in a barrel through a course. The person in the barrel has to get out at each station and untie a bag of balls before going to the next station. The final stage is for the remaining members of the tribe to roll the balls into six holes onto a skee-ball like platform to win immunity.

The tribes are head-to-head the whole first leg of the race, with Tadhana ending up at the ball-rolling station with a slight advantage. And Hayden is really great at rolling the balls because he is the ultimate bro. But ultimately, Gervase catches up to him and wins immunity for the vets. And again, having learned nothing, does an excess amount of smack-talking. Don't worry; I have a feeling Gervase's time will come soon enough.

Loser Camp

The man alliance is pretty much set on voting for Rachel. John tries to talk them out of it, but by doing so he raises some of their suspicions. Vytas thinks it would be smart to vote out John, but he doesn't want to be the one to break up the alliance.

Katie and Ciera are worried that they're on the chopping block, even though the guys told them it would be Rachel. They agree to vote for John just in case he played his immunity idol for Rachel.

Tribal Council

The men are not shy about their alliance at all, and none of the women are wily or strong-willed enough to do anything but sit there and nod their heads.

Things go pretty much to plan and Rachel is voted off. Now they just have to wait and see if their plan will go into phase two where Tyson volunteers to take her place on Redemption Island.

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