'HawthoRNe' Season Premiere Preview: A New Beginning
'HawthoRNe' Season Premiere Preview: A New Beginning
Christina Hawthorne's past one personal hurdle, so it's time for another hurdle -- a much bigger one.

HawthoRNe returns to TNT tonight with quite a big change for Christina and the gang. Richmond Trinity is closing its doors for good, and most of its staff is moved to a new hospital, James River. And no, things aren't much better over there. Much worse, even. If Christina already struggled with making sure she fulfills her duty properly under dire circumstances -- well, this time around it's going to be harder.

Apart from the issues hounding James River, Christina finds herself butting heads with the head nurse at James River's ER: The District's Vanessa Bell Calloway joins the series tonight as Gail Strummer, a nurse who's dead set in her ways. But, as always, Christina will find herself with allies, both from her colleagues back at Richmond Trinity, as well as the people she'll meet at James River.

Of course, I'm not forgetting Tom. Now that Christina's taking steps to move on from her husband's death, and Tom's no longer serving as her Chief of Surgery, they're free to start a romantic relationship --but will it work? There are still many issues around on both sides, after all. Her daughter Camille, for one. And, of course, the patients.

Jada Pinkett Smith returns to our screens on a new season of HawthoRNe, premiering tonight from 9pm on TNT. You can watch a sneak peek at tonight's episode below:

(Image courtesy of TNT)