'Hawaii Five-0' Season 2 Preview Guide: More Guest Stars, Fewer Shirts
'Hawaii Five-0' Season 2 Preview Guide: More Guest Stars, Fewer Shirts
On Hawaii Five-0 season 1, Hawaii's governor created an elite task force of former and current cops led by a Navy SEAL revenging the death of his father. Alex O'Laughlin's Steve McGarrett, the Navy SEAL teamed with Scott Caan's Danny "Danno" Williams against the backdrop of beautiful Hawaii and poof, CBS had a surprise hit procedural on their hands.

In Hawaii Five-0 season 1, McGarrett searched for his father's killer with the help of his team and his sister (and some other woman played by Larisa Oleynik who showed up in the last three episodes), while also solving a case on the Islands every week. He did all of this, for the most part, shirtless, and we assume the attractive cast members of the show will continue fighting crime and taking their clothes off in Hawaii Five-0 season 2. At the end of the first season, when McGarrett is sent to prison (the one rare time he was wearing a shirt), we discovered that the governor was in co-hoots with the killer, played by Mark Dacascos, who brings all the drama and fury he has on Iron Chef America.

CBS has hinted at what will happen when McGarrett clears his, and his team's, name then how they do that in Hawaii Five-0 season 2. Since Hawaii Five-0's freshman season proved to be one to watch, and because they killed off Jean Smart's governor, there will be additions to the cast. Richard T. Jones, who played the Lt. Governor last season, will step in to the governor's shoes and will be paying more attention to McGarrett's team.

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Danny will have a new love interest so we are guessing that his (ex?) wife who headed to New Jersey in last season's finale, is staying there. Autumn Reeser best known for, depending on your demographic, her role on Entourage or The OC, will help the Five-0 on a case and win over Dann-o in season 2. The producing team of Five-0 has also announced guest stars-palooza for the show: a Lost reunion will occur when Terry O'Quinn guests stars as well as William Baldwin and Tom Sizemore.

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Also, rumors of a crossover episode of Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: LA are swirling when Daniela Ruah's Agent Kensi travels from Los Angeles to Hawaii for a case.

Hawaii Five-0 season 2 premieres September 19 at 10pm.

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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