'Hawaii Five-0' 3.8 Preview: Has a New Woman Gotten Under McGarrett's Skin?
'Hawaii Five-0' 3.8 Preview: Has a New Woman Gotten Under McGarrett's Skin?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Hawaii Five-0 season 3 continues on Monday, November 26 with an episode called "Wahine'inoloa," which translates to "Evil Woman." With a title like that, it's pretty obvious that McGarrett and the rest of the team are going to have their hands full catching the murderer in this one. 

In the preview video, we find out that the team is put on the case of a murdered man, and it looks like their prime suspect is none other than the guy's therapist. In the video, they ask the question if she's a psychoanalyst or just plain psycho and after watching the clips, I'm asking myself the very same thing. It looks like McGarrett is fairly convinced of her guilt, but it doesn't look like the team necessarily agrees with him. So the question we have to ask ourselves is: who is right, McGarrett or everyone else?

Here are a few more things we know from the video:

  • The good doctor is trying to convince everyone that she was trying to help her patient, not kill him. 
  • McGarrett is going to act a little bit stalkery in this one.
  • Danny thinks that this woman is getting under McGarrett's skin. 
  • The doc seems to be claiming that McGarrett is trying to seduce her, but it looks the other way around to me. 

Another thought that I had after watching the preview is: what will Catherine think of all of this? If she's around while this case is happening, then you have to figure that she's going to wonder why McGarrett will be chasing after this woman if no one on the team thinks she's guilty. Will Catherine think that there's more to Steve's obsession than just a need to see that justice is done? If I were her, I don't know if I could help but to think that way. 

The other thing I thought about after watching this video is the fact that it could all be one big set-up. They could just be giving us tons of hints about how this doctor is guilty of killing her patient and then it could turn out that she's completely innocent. The thing is I could see it going either way, so I guess I'll be surprised no matter what happens. 

What do you think after watching the preview for this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Do you think the doctor is guilty and McGarrett is the only one who believes it? Or do you think she's innocent and McGarrett will become obsessed for other reasons?

Hawaii Five-0 airs on Monday nights at 10pm on CBS. 

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