'Haven' Review: The Troubles Are Here to 'Stay'... But What About Audrey?
'Haven' Review: The Troubles Are Here to 'Stay'... But What About Audrey?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Most shows do zombies these days. Haven is different. Haven has Troubles, so even zombies aren't really the zombies that they seem. The zombie-like Trouble combines with major forward motion on the mystery of Audrey in order to make one pretty awesome episode of Haven.

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The Trouble

Are there zombies loose in Haven? It certainly seems like it at first -- angry, wild men are running around town naked. When confronted, they growl and bite but don't speak. What could they possibly be besides zombies?

Try dogs.

This particular Trouble came about when Tor Magnusson, a bitter fellow after his wife abandoned him, took his son's dog, Jesse, to the pound. The poor dog had rabies because Magnusson never got him shots.

Alas, Magnusson also neglected to remember his family Trouble. As soon as the man left the pound, every dog there turned human and escaped. The crazed wild men were the result.

Magnusson's rabid man-dog becomes an even bigger problem when Jesse kidnaps young Liam Magnusson to "protect" the child. Audrey and Nathan lead a search party into the woods to find the boy and end up confronting an entire pack of man-dogs. This time the pack has weapons.

Fortunately, Magnusson can reverse his Trouble by apologizing to his old dog and treating him well. The dogs all quickly revert to their original forms, but poor, sick Jesse dies in the process. This is kind of a problem, with Liam still lost in the woods, but Audrey saves the day by using the one nice man-dog-turned-dog to sniff out the boy.

The Shrink

We get a new character in this Haven!

Bree Williamson shows up for the first time as Dr. Claire Callahan, a psychiatrist who specializes in counseling the Troubled. This is perhaps an excellent explanation as to why most Troubles don't come back after Audrey and Nathan vanquish them.

This time, however, Claire's intended patient is Audrey. Since she was kidnapped, Audrey is required to undergo counseling. This does not please Audrey. But Claire persists in her psychological help, even following Audrey out into the field to better diagnose this mystery woman.

She doesn't really succeed in diagnosing much, but at least Claire gives Audrey some good advice about moving forward in her relationship with Nathan.

The Mystery of Audrey

Haven couldn't let the ongoing mystery of Audrey's very existence skip a week, of course.

While Audrey and Nathan are busy tracking down naked and human canines, Duke takes on the task of identifying the "Hunter" referenced by that writing in the Colorado Kid's casket.

Duke naturally gets no help from Dwight (who pretty much threatens to kill the man) or from Vince and Dave. In fact, Vince and Dave seem to be back to their obstruction-of-the-truth ways and actively hide the good stuff.

But they still can't stop Duke. The others having left the newspaper office to chase down a naked dog-jogger, Duke finds an article from 27 years ago. It mentions a meteor shower in Orion -- a constellation also known as The Hunter.

Later, Duke explains this revelation to Audrey, along with its frightening implications. It seems that this meteor shower in The Hunter recurs every 27 years. And when it does, Audrey vanishes.

It's due to return in 49 days. That's how long Audrey has.

(Note: A meteor shower recurring every 27 years isn't exactly scientifically accurate. The more correct explanation would be that the meteor shower peaks every 27 years. Meteor showers are annual phenomena.)

The Ending

Audrey isn't exactly OK with her limited time. She ends up giving away her nice dog to the Magnussons (who promise to not let it turn into a human again) and then blows off Nathan. Poor Audrey! Poor Nathan!

Back at the newspaper office, Vince and Dave have problems of their own: Someone has broken into their hidden cache of Troubled stuff. The perpetrator used a bolt gun to do this. That's the same weapon that killed poor Rosaline Toomey in the last episode.

Who could it be?

The Future

What do Vince and Dave know about the Colorado Kid? Will they share that information? Will Audrey allow herself to be with Nathan when only days remain before she's likely to disappear again? Should Duke and Dwight spend a whole lot more time together?

Only the future can tell. Until then, keep up with Haven by following Laurel Brown on Twitter!

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