'Haven' Review: The Trouble with Paternity
'Haven' Review: The Trouble with Paternity
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Just when you think the Troubles can't get any more twisted and confusing on Haven, we get an episode like "The Farmer." New faces, creepy organ removal and heroes in crisis make this one of the darkest Haven episodes yet! So why not relive it with this review?

The Existential Angst of Audrey Parker

Not surprisingly, considering that she was told in the last episode that she had only 49 days left in Haven, Audrey is in a bad mood throughout "The Hunter." Duke deals with this pretty well, mostly because he knows exactly what's wrong. Nathan, on the other hand, spends a good part of the episode having no idea why Audrey is being cold, distant and honestly kind of mean.

Audrey Parker really isn't at her finest here. It seems that her fighting spirit has been crushed by yet another "Haha! You're not a real girl!" Haven twist. Even when both Duke and Nathan urge her to resist fate and plot her own destiny, Audrey isn't interested.

The end result? Audrey is on the outs with both of her Haven guys. Nathan can't take being pushed away yet again -- even with good reason -- and Duke... Well, let's just say Duke has a very good reason to be angry with Audrey by the end of "The Farmer."

Organ Transplants, Haven-Style

The Trouble of the Week begins with the case of a jogger found dead in the forest. Although there are no cuts of any kind on the body, a set of lungs are lying all slippery-like next to him.

Did the dead guy vomit out the lungs? Weird.

Oh but we're not done with the weirdness yet! Thanks to the Haven's psychiatrist-turned-medical-examiner Dr. Lucasy (or however you spell that), Audrey and Nathan learn that the lungs found next to the victim were not his. These lungs are a mess, full of disease and decay.

The murderer apparently left his own organs behind when he borrowed those of the murder victim. Seems sloppy, if you ask me.

Who's Tommy?

Early on in the episode, we meet a brand-new Haven character, Detective Tommy Bowen (Dorian Messick). The show lets us know right away that Tommy is a) a rebel -- Nathan and Audrey meet the detective at yet another murder scene -- and b) totally messed up -- the audience first sees Tommy snapping photos of the de-lunged murder victim.

Tommy traveled to Haven from Boston after one of his co-workers, a young guy named Paul, had his own organs ripped out by an unknown man. Thanks to the rather notable "Seadogs" jacket sported by the killer, Tommy knew that Haven was his destination.

Naturally, Tommy isn't a believer in the Troubles. He just thinks it's a coping mechanism used by Audrey and Nathan to explain bad stuff. Bad stuff like a man who sucks out organs with a giant purple tongue...

Family Ties

A disturbing pattern seems to emerge among those affected by the killer: While the dead have lost organs, survivors of the killer's attacks experience massive organ failure. But what could tie together Paul the Cop, Dead Jogger, Zoe-a-Victim's-Sister, Mark the Random Kid at the Police Station, and Pretty Teen Girl?

All of them were conceived at Haven's own fertility clinic, that's what. Yes, Haven has a fertility clinic. I'm sure that this is standard in remote, backwater towns along the Maine coast.

Daddy Dearest

Because this is a fertility clinic on TV, we immediately know that the connection has to be a serial sperm donor. The super-daddy turns out to be a local by the name of Harry Nix. This former employee of the clinic managed to father 29 babies through work.

This wasn't out of love or the simple desire to procreate either. Thanks to surviving the previous Troubles as a child, Harry knows that he is destined for massive organ failure. Thus, the 29 kids are meant as potential donors to keep their Daddy going until the Troubles abate.

Those that Harry doesn't kill get the fun consolation prize of their own massive organ failures! Of all of the crappy Troubles in Haven, this is seriously one of the worst.

The Final Solution

With organs failing left and right, our heroes rush to track down Harry as soon as possible. Audrey even enlists Duke to help with the search efforts.

But that's not why she needs his help. When Audrey, Duke, Nathan and Tommy finally find Harry Nix in the woods -- about to suck some vital organ out of his own beloved son -- we learn Audrey's rather dark plan:

If Duke kills Harry, every one of those 29-plus kids will lose their Trouble and survive. If Harry dies on his own, the cycle will just get to repeat.

Duke is, not surprisingly, against this plan. Audrey lets him go, saying she will take care of it all without him.


This is Haven. How could we end without a twist or three?

Twist #1: Audrey gets a tour of the morgue to see the havoc wreaked by Harry Nix and his organ hunting. One body, however, is different. This dead woman has had her nose sliced off (yuck) but has all other organs intact. The cause of death turns out to be a bolt-gun to the back of the skull.

Audrey's Kidnapper has struck again!

Twist #2: While dealing with her feelings by talking to Dr. Claire, Audrey gets a phone call that actually make her smile a bit. We learn why back at the Grey Gull. All of the kids with organ failure are miraculously recovering. This can only have one cause -- Duke went back and killed Harry Nix.

Duke doesn't much like Audrey after this.

Twist #3: There has to be more to Tommy than just the rebellious pursuit of serial killers. We don't find out exactly what that is in "The Farmer," but we do get a clue. A mysterious figure bursts into Tommy's room and... Well then we see Tommy out in the dark night, talking on the phone about how he plans to stay in Haven for awhile.

This is all while Tommy buries a body.

Oh dear.

How crazy was this week's Trouble? Was having Duke kill Harry the best solution? Can Audrey find a way to stay in Haven longer? What's up with Tommy? Leave your comments below and keep up with Haven throughout the week by following Laurel Brown on Twitter!

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