'Haven' Recap: The Trouble with Bitterness and Serial Murder
'Haven' Recap: The Trouble with Bitterness and Serial Murder
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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When last we checked in to Haven, things were bad. One of the main characters lay dead. A secondary character was revealed to be a serial killer. Would Audrey and Duke -- unaware of what happened -- be next? Find out in this "Magic Hour" part 2 recap.

A Car Trunk Has Room for At Least Two Dead Bodies

Picking up from right where we left off in "Magic Hour" part 1, this second episode starts with Audrey and Duke tearing off wildly in search of Noelle. You know, so she can bring Nathan back from the dead. Tommy, being the killer and all, isn't so excited about the plan, but he doesn't really have any easy objections. So he goes looking for Noelle too.

Noelle is injured and has been dating her paramedic partner, so it's an obvious choice to follow the formerly dead Joseph straight to injured Noelle. The plan works, kind of.

Unfortunately, it's Tommy who finds Noelle first. He smothers her with a pillow, and the others think she just died earlier.

So Noelle goes in the trunk with Nathan. This is a problem. But at least it's roomy in there.

But Audrey soon has a possible solution. She realizes, from documents found on Noelle's body, that the girl's sister Moira might also have the resurrection Trouble. They figure Moira would hide at one of her housekeeping client's houses. Audrey goes to one while Tommy and Duke hit another.

Unmasking a Killer

Audrey picks the right house and finds Moira quickly. But Moira is not Troubled, not yet anyway. Using Noelle's dead body as a trigger, Audrey hopes to change that. Doesn't work. Moira is so self-centered and unloving that even a dead sister fails to rouse her emotions.

The situation does, however, rouse some information. Moira indignantly reports that it was Tommy -- not Noelle -- who shot and killed Nathan. A few details later, Audrey believes this. And realizes that Duke is in danger.

Fortunately, Duke is good with the poker face and manages not to give himself away when Audrey calls to warn him. But his success is short-lived. While Duke fails to find a viable weapon, Tommy gradually figures out that he's been unmasked.

A short fight follows. Tommy, who doesn't like the Bolt-Gun Killer epithet and who declares oddly that "It is my turn" proves to be a good match even for Duke. That is, until Duke gets a splash of Tommy's blood on his hand. Hello, Silver Eyes!

Yes, Tommy is somehow Troubled. What sort of Trouble? We don't learn that. Jordan arrives to help at this point, but Tommy gets away anyway. Duke, Jordan and the audience are left behind with nothing but questions.

Gone Fishin'

Meanwhile, back at the Haven Herald offices, Dave is worried because Audrey's trip to Colorado is becoming common knowledge. This gets the brothers worried about the Bolt-Gun Killer finding out, so they try again to figure out what the murderer wanted in his break-in of a few weeks back.

It turns out that the man wanted a key. The key to the Teagues' fishing cabin, to be precise.

Locked and loaded, Vince and Dave reach their fishing cabin, only to find a mysterious boat. And Tommy. Tommy is not a nice guy at all at this point, quickly tying up the brothers and beating them while asking about the Colorado Kid. Also, oddly, Tommy wants to know about the Barn. (You know, that disappearing barn that erased Audrey II's memories in season 2.) Vince declares that only Audrey ever goes to the Barn.

That's ominous.

Who Does Audrey Have to Shoot to Get a Little Resurrection?

Getting Moira's Trouble going turns out to be rather difficult. That is because Moira is a hateful and self-obsessed woman who loves only herself. Audrey realizes this and threatens to kill Moira, if that is enough to start a Trouble. Unfortunately, Audrey is too nice for this to be believable.

So they try some talk therapy instead. Moira admits she can't love Noelle because, back when their father died in a car accident, Noelle refused to save the man. With bitter relish, Moira describes the accident and how it destroyed her.

But wait a minute! There is an inconsistency in the tale! Audrey quickly figures out that Moira did not, in fact, survive the initial crash. Instead, a tool box brained her, and Noelle had to choose to save Moira or their father -- only one resurrection was safe.

When Moira realizes this, she falls completely apart. And, as proven by Duke sampling a wee bit of the lady's suddenly Troubled blood, Moira can heal her newly beloved sister. She touches Nathan too.

Audrey and Nathan, Together Again (Kind Of)

As she waits hopefully for a sunset resurrection, Audrey finally spills how much she has loved and always will love Nathan. Too bad Nathan is still dead at this point. And too bad both Duke and Jordan are right there listening. Talk about awkward!

But at least Audrey and Nathan get to be partners immediately upon the man's reanimation. They use Tommy's GPS log to eventually track him to the fishing cabin. Although Tommy seems set to escape in his boat, a couple of shots from the police cause a massive explosion on the vessel.

So that's it for Tommy and the Bolt-Gun Killer! Or is it...?

Ain't No Party Like a Taco Tuesday Party

Back at the Grey Gull, the survivors gather to celebrate their collective lack of deadness. Too bad there's still plenty of awkwardness (much to the delight of Dr. Claire) to compensate. Audrey has uncomfortable conversations with both Duke (who oddly has a tiny guitar) and Nathan (who is forced to seek comfort in Jordan's arms) before she hangs out alone on the pier, trying to figure out how to find the Colorado Kid.

Her lonely musings are eventually interrupted by Vince. The elderly man apologizes for his deception. But then he pauses. Through the fog that envelops the bay, Vince sees what looks like a Barn.

And then it's gone...

A Tommy Theory

Just indulge my wild speculation for a moment, with regard to Tommy. Because that story is so not over yet.

Here is what we know:

1. Tommy is Troubled, even though he seemed shocked by all the Haven weirdness when he arrived.

2. Tommy has a dark past that brought him to Haven, something that involved burying a dead body.

3. While Tommy happily admitted to being the Bolt-Gun Killer, he has no tattoo and was not the guy in the security video.

4. Tommy (and/or the killer) is obsessed with the Colorado Kid -- someone not seen since the early '80s -- and has been at the fishing cabin in the past.

These facts could add up to a lot of results, but how about this one: The Trouble Duke detected in Tommy's blood is some sort of transference. Maybe the true Killer is a Troubled person who passes from body to body, thus avoiding death and detection. Thus, even if Tommy physically died, the Bolt-Gun Killer might still be out there.


What is the deal with the barn? Who is the father of the Colorado Kid? Is Tommy really dead? Share your theories and thoughts below!

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