'Haven' Interview and Video: WWE's Edge Talks About His New Supernatural Job
'Haven' Interview and Video: WWE's Edge Talks About His New Supernatural Job
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Adam Copeland, better known to WWE fans as Edge, will be appearing on the Syfy show Haven for four episodes in the currently-airing season. Copeland spoke to reporters about the show, his character and transitioning to scripted television after a wrestling career.

Before the interview, however, check out this clip from the August 5 episode:

On the Edge's Haven character:
Edge: "His name is Dwight Hendrickson. And he pretty much sweeps things under the carpet."

"He cleans up any kind of weird happenings or events so that anyone outside of Haven that might be freaked out, like with some of the things that go on in this town, he sweeps them away before anyone sees them. So he works with Nathan, Lucas Bryant, to just make sure everything kind of stays on an even keel, as much as that's possible within the confines of Haven."

On memorable scenes from his time on Haven:
Edge: "I did a fight scene. That was fun. But it was nice to kind of try and stretch my acting a little bit."

"And there's a couple of scenes with Lucas that were nice, because they were completely unrelated to anything I've done before. I was getting to show a different side, a little bit more layers to the character of Dwight. Yes, so that was fun."

"I got to do some scenes with a little girl that reminded me of my daughter who had passed away. And so those were all different things that I'd never really had to explore before in any of my other experiences."

On how we'll learn about the character over time:
Edge: "It kind of rolls out. You learn a little bit more about the guy as it goes along. It starts off where you don't learn a whole lot about the guy. He's a little bit of a mysterious figure."

"And then a little bit more plays out as you go along and you see different sides, which was good for me because that way I could kind of learn along with it, where to try and take this guy. So it plays out, and I think it'll be interesting. I think I have some interaction with all the main characters. I ended up with Lucas/Nathan a lot, kind of playing his cleanup guy."

"And then there's this butting, begrudging rivalry with Duke, I think to see who the alpha male is kind of thing. But then, along the way, you realize that they might like each other because they're so much alike. But that might also be why they hate each other. So I think that could go in some interesting directions."

On how he interacts with the other characters:
Edge: "Dwight kind of played the same role that he's playing for Nathan, he played for Nathan's dad. And you come to find that out over time."

"So there's a lot of different ways it can go, because Nathan and I obviously form a bit of a partnership. Duke and I have this kind of little butting rivalry type thing, and then I start to work with Vince throughout it. And so there's some different things going on, which is cool."

On the comparisons between his Haven role and work in the WWE:
Edge: "Well, character-wise, way different. Character-wise on WWE, I was... by the end, I was the well-respected, grizzled veteran guy. On Haven, he's much more low-key, down-to-earth. And I think that just goes back to the differences in the two types of vehicles that they are."

On his most memorable moment working on Haven:
Edge: "I think initially walking onto the set for the first time, just because it was kind of nerve-wracking. It's still a relatively new experience to me. Kind of feeling like the new kid at school... I never put any misconceptions out there that I'm this talented thespian or anything. Everybody knew that this was new to me, and they really helped me along. So I have to say that was initially the experience that stood out."

"But then we, in the last episode that I filmed, did a fight scene with Eric Balfour, who plays Duke, and that's when I felt like I was back in my wheelhouse again. I felt really comfortable and at ease right away. So That was fun too, just to bring it back to a little bit of a physical, you know, aspect for the character."

On how he got the job:
Edge: "Well, it was kind of a happy accident. I had just recently retired. I had done a European trip, because I was advertised for the WWE and I couldn't perform anymore but I thought, 'Well, I've been advertised. I don't want to kind of leave the crowds hanging like that.'"

"So I went over there, got back from there -- it was a pretty exhausting trip -- and then two days later I got the call from the WWE and they said, 'Would you be interested in flying out to Nova Scotia and filming an episode of Haven?'"

"And I went, 'Yes. Yes, I think that'd be great. That'd be fun.'"

On the differences between wrestling and acting:
Edge: "I guess the differences between the WWE and what I used to do and this. There's similarities, but the difference is I think that I had to pull back the reins with what I used to do -- the movements, mannerisms and everything had to be bigger [in wrestling] so that it could translate to someone who is at the very last row of the Georgia Dome, for instance."

"So with this, the camera, it's right there. So it picks up any little like eye bulge or eyebrow twitch or facial tics or things like that."

Adam Copeland's first Haven episode will air on Friday, August 5 at 10pm on Syfy.

(Image and video courtesy of Syfy)