10 Things to Know Before You Watch 'Haven' Season 3
10 Things to Know Before You Watch 'Haven' Season 3
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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You really should plan to watch Haven season 3 on Syfy.

But maybe you have forgotten what happened back in season 2 -- it was over a year ago, after all. Or perhaps you are a newcomer to the weird joys of Haven. If that's the case, there are definitely some things you need to know before you start Haven season 3. Here are 10 of the most important.

WARNING: If you have not seen earlier seasons of the show, there are some super-big Haven spoilers in this article. That's kind of the point, actually. But if you don't want to know what happened in the first two seasons, you probably shouldn't read this.

Haven tells the story of a small town in Maine full of people who can do weird things. Most of these things, called Troubles, are dangerous. All of these things are weird. The show's main characters -- Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) -- spend a great deal of time finding the "Troubled" people and dealing with the fallout.

Unfortunately, a general description of Haven, like the above paragraph, does not exactly prepare you for season 3. Here are some specifics that you must know.

1. Audrey Parker

Audrey is complicated. For one thing, she's not really FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker. Audrey just has the memories of that woman. Who is Audrey really? We're not sure yet, but she appears in Haven at odd intervals (coinciding with outbreaks of the Troubles) -- always with a new name and always the same age. In the 1980s, she was Lucy. Sometime around the 1950s or 1960s, she was Sarah. Before that, who knows?

Audrey established her lack of identity in season 2. But that didn't help much with who she really was.

All that we really know about Audrey is that she is connected to Haven and the Troubles. The Troubles don't affect her directly, and she is really good at diminishing their effects. In some cases -- like with Nathan's inability to feel anything -- she neutralizes the Trouble altogether.

2. Audrey and Nathan

This little romance has been growing since the beginning of the show, but it only became a major plot at the end of season 2. Nathan first fell for Audrey when he found out he could feel her. Audrey took a little longer.

Despite warnings from all around, Audrey and Nathan were ready to go for it in the season 2 finale. But then...

3. The Kidnapping of Audrey

In the last minutes of season 2, some unseen person kidnapped Audrey Parker. Her whereabouts are unknown, but Nathan suspected Duke because of a clue found at the scene.

4. Duke

We thought D
uke was just a sarcastic smuggler and bartender until season 2 labeled him as Troubled. But Duke's Trouble is unusual -- if he kills a Troubled person, all of that person's descendents avoid having the family "curse." Duke's father and grandfather were apparently big fans of this.

In addition to this, Duke's eyes go funky and he gets really strong if Troubled blood touches him. The man has, thus far, protested disinterest in these talents, but that could change. If it does, Audrey is Duke's main target.

5. The Tattoo

Back in season 1, a Troubled woman told Duke he would be killed by a man with a distinctive tattoo. This has freaked out Duke for awhile.

But the tattoo is everywhere. On gravestones, on dead bodies, tattooed onto living people... It has something to do with the Troubled and may just be supernatural (not just ink). This last point may explain why, as Nathan fought with Duke at the end of season 2, the tattoo appeared on the former's arm.

6. Vince and Dave Have Secrets

Vince and Dave (Richard Donat and John Dunsworth) are middle-aged brothers who edit the Haven Herald. They also know a lot. They know far more than they ever tell anyone.

There is some evidence that Dave had a relationship with Audrey years ago when she was Sarah. Whether this is true or not, he has some issues with the whole thing. So does Vince, but his are less obvious.

7. Religion

Until Audrey shot and killed him, Reverend Driscoll (Stephen McHattie) led a church-based faction of Haven residents who want all of the Troubled to leave. Considering the havoc wreaked by all of the supernatural stuff, this isn't entirely crazy.

The Rev, however, kind of was insane. And dangerous. Even Ghost Driscoll, seen in the season 2 finale, caused trouble. And his followers might still want to continue the insanity.

8. Dwight and Cleaning Up

The secrets of Haven mostly stay secret because of the police (Nathan is the police chief, like his father was before him) and a guy called Dwight (Adam Copeland, aka Edge). Dwight cleans up locations affected by The Troubles. We never see how exactly, but he is obviously very good at his job.

Dwight is, of course, another Troubled person.

9. Agent Howard

Back when she was still supposed to be an FBI agent, Audrey took orders from her boss, Agent Howard. We still don't know exactly who this guy is -- obviously he can't just be someone from the FBI -- but he is connected to the town. There have been hints that Howard is involved with whatever it is that makes Audrey disappear and lose her memories when the Troubles end.

10. The Colorado Kid

Audrey's first clue about her heritage was a newspaper article about the Colorado Kid, a 1980s murder victim. A woman named Lucy (now known to be Audrey) appeared in a photo at the murder scene and had some connection to the man.

Oddly, we know nothing else about the case or the victim. That seems likely to change in season 3.

Haven season 3 begins on Friday, September 21 at 10pm on Syfy.

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