'Hart of Dixie' Season 1 Preview Guide: A New Doctor's In Town
'Hart of Dixie' Season 1 Preview Guide: A New Doctor's In Town
On Hart of Dixie, Rachel Bilson stars as Dr. Zoe Hart, a New York City girl who is forced to leave the bustling Big Apple because there aren't any jobs. Soon, she makes her way to a remote town in Alabama and starts a new life. That's what you'll find in Hart of Dixie, but there's more to it than you think.

What to Expect on Hart of Dixie Season 1:

First of all, there's a voiceover. Secondly, there's romance. Zoe Hart's life won't be as dull as she thinks, because she soon meets longtime Alabama resident George (Scott Porter). Something develops between them, but he's unfortunately engaged. Worse, the woman he's attached to is the daughter of Zoe's rival, Dr. Brick Breeland. 

Actress Rachel Bilson announced during the TCA Press Tour that drama is going to be a major factor in the show. "I think there are so many different relationships going on. And the characters are awesome. I'm so lucky to have everyone that I do. I don't feel any pressure, because I really feel like it's a group effort and everyone is so fantastic."

There was also news regarding Nancy Travis' role. A recasting rumor circulated until TVLine reported that her character, the nurse known only as Mrs. H, will be appearing on the first two episodes of Hart of Dixie season 1. There aren't any plans for what happens after though.

If you missed the teaser for Hart of Dixie, hit play below. 

Word has it that the pilot episode is a big shock to Zoe Hart. She realizes that her expectations aren't met when the Southern hospitality she's hoping for just isn't there. Still, she finds solace in her new friends, which are but a few. There's the mayor, her neighbor, and a former football star.

But as she decides to stick around, she finds that there may be a home for her in Bluebell, Alabama. For more Hart of Dixie updates, why not check out our Facebook fan page on the right. And don't forget to catch the series premiere on Monday, September 26 on The CW.

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