'Hart of Dixie' Recap: Doctor Dilemmas, Dilemmas
'Hart of Dixie' Recap: Doctor Dilemmas, Dilemmas
This episode is a setup to the finale and definitively answers the question on whether or not the star would leave her own show.

The Conundrum

To all of you who were holding your breath that the show would kill a 14-year-old, exhale. Rose is recovering, something the entire town is worrying about, thank goodness. Even Magnolia has bothered to care.

Yet Zoe cannot bring herself to visit Rose; it's shaken her so badly she tries to be the stone cold doctor she was in the pilot, which proves to be difficult. My issue with Zoe Hart not having a heart is that Rachel Bilson has an interesting blend/niche of being both warm and snarky to her acting that it's difficult to buy that Zoe is cold.

Mainly, this entire episode deals with Zoe's dilemmas as a doctor. She even gets her pseudo dad back this episode to help! He and his powers of surgery manage to get Zoe a surgical fellowship in Boston. Zoe, stuck in her pity party of self-hatred, takes the opportunity to be a doctor elsewhere.

Of course, we know that this won't happen. Zoe Hart is the titular character after all. Also, I would have been extremely annoyed if Zoe did take that internship because she didn't earn it; she just happens to have a brilliant surgeon as a father. It'd be like if Jack Shepard got a job with spinal surgery only because of his father, Christian (Lost reference!).

Regardless, we see Zoe's emotional state and a predictable hurdle towards a nice character arc. Zoe's leaving without saying goodbye, all in an attempt to distance herself from Bluebell. Thankfully, the show calls upon Zoe's two biggest influences into staying: Lavon and Rose.

Lavon doesn't ask her to stay, just to say goodbye. I like this little detail; I'm not sure what it says, but it says something. Zoe is determined to stay cold like the dad she's always aspired to be.

But not before she says goodbye to her dead bio-dad, Harley. Zoe just leaves without goodbyes and I know that can't be the end -- it's only 9:40pm. But Rose and others influence her to stay. Primarily Annabeth, who hides from the town that her husband left her three months ago.

But to top off the Zoe melodrama hour, we get another scene from Zoe's other paternal figure, Brick. Zoe doesn't want to be a General PR actioner; in fact, she wants to distance herself because of how painful it is to care for everyone in a town. She doesn't need that responsibility. But she'll be missing births, and people riding bikes and falling in love, explains Brick.

Zoe will be a better person if she stays. So she stays.

Lemony Smut

The South is known to be kind of contradictory about sex, no? There are the associations that it is too proper to talk about and there are the associations that it is all strange cousin sex. Luckily, this episode explores the first. Lemon can't talk about sex out loud. Frankly, she's too uptight. (Oh god, I just learned the name of Lemon's minion -- Cricket.)

Lemon wants to be intimate with George since the breakup and reconciliation that has happened in maybe three weeks of Hart of Dixie time. Personally, these two have way too many issues to get married, let alone be together. Lemon arranges for a romantic night at hotel, but this situation is awkward for both.

Cue alcohol. George and Lemon need to get drunk to have sex. And through a series of strange circumstances, Lemon gets her head stuck in the headboard. Yep. That is what this storyline has been reduced to. The little humorous bit is that George uses whip cream to slip Lemon's head through, but they get caught in kinky circumstances. Heh.

Later, they bond/reconnect over shared experiences about past times. But I wonder if it is enough? Because I do not know how many times I can take that this connection is based on the past. What about now? What have they connected over now? I'm actively rooting against this wedding next week.

Awww, Wade!

Wade is still reeling from losing his money to start his own business and bar. Luckily, his bro, Lavon, comes to the rescue with a plan to borrow money. But Wade messes this up, because the show wants to hammer home that Wade used to be a screw-up. I do not understand.


I've been waiting for this episode all season. Bound to happen; personally, I thought it would be later, in the finale, and Zoe would pull a Seth Cohen on a sailboat. There's still time! But as I said, I am less than excited for the wedding, especially for more inevitable scenes for Lemon and George. Also, I hope Lavon gets something interesting to do. He hasn't had an interesting storyline since his parents came to town.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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