'Hart of Dixie' Interview: Scott Porter on George's Love Life, Bromances, and Idol
'Hart of Dixie' Interview: Scott Porter on George's Love Life, Bromances, and Idol
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Hart of Dixie ends its third season tonight with characters having some fun, while others have difficult decisions to make. Fans can rejoice that the show will be back for season 4, though it will be a shortened one, to continue the tale of the lovable Bluebell characters.

I spoke to Scott Porter this week about the possible rekindling of George and Lemon's relationship, his favorite moments of season 3, the status of George and Zoe's relationship, George's bromances, and Don Todd's visit to town. Read on for edited excerpts of our conversations.

This season has been a revolving door for romances. We've seen George and Lemon start to get closer again. How do you see their relationship now?

I think when you have been in a relationship for 15-plus years, which they were for a huge chunk of their life, almost a half of their life and over a half of their adult lives, you have a connection that you never completely kind of shelf or lock away. They have some unfinished business I think. The way their relationship ended was pretty dramatic and it was a lot to take. And for any one person to be able to take that, process it and then move on is not going to be a quick process. They tried to make sure that it was for each of them. 

They both tried to move forward very quickly and we saw them deal with it in different ways. George trying to re-enter the world of dating and having to ask Wade how to even go about it in season 2. And Lemon kind recoiling and saying I don't have anything to turn to now. She didn't have any work, she wasn't someone who had worked pretty much her entire life so she kind of turned to her career. Now that they both have gone into those two realms and explored them a little bit and grown as individuals I think maybe they're ready now to come back together and kind of hash out exactly where they stand with each other at this point.

They've both matured a lot it could be fun to explore that relationship.

I've heard a lot of positive reaction between George and Lemon getting back together because I think that Jaime and I have a really strong chemistry on screen. And even though people didn't want to root for them in season 1, people ended up doing that. And now that we're at the end of season 3 getting glimpses of the good of their relationship, which you didn't get to see a lot of in season 1, is kinda nice to see. They drive each other crazy of course, but they're there for each other in a way that no other character either of them. 

For me, I was a little bit resistant, at first even, because I felt there was so much hurt and so much heartache that existed towards the end of their relationship, but again you kind of just have to look over the course of their 15 years. It couldn't always have been bad and people change and people grow and there's a good and there's worth to both of these characters. And I think them exploring their feelings for each other will help them become more complete people and characters over time.

There's always the whole George-Zoe thing in the background too. Would you say their relationship has leveled off at a friend level at this point?

Yeah. And I think that's where you have to trust your writers. Over the course of time I think the George and Zoe relationship became a casualty of the writing because they find little great things to do between Wade and Zoe and they found really great stories and momentum over time for those two characters. 

They found a great little niche for George in season 2 where he was kind of dating around and really trying to become an adult relationship wise. He was so set in his career, he was very successful and very mature in that regard. He was also the sane ear for being to talk to and the shoulder for people to be able to lean on around town, but he never really knew how to interact relationship wise. 

While he was growing, Zoe couldn't be one of those girls. Just another girl for George to date and fail with which is what George needed to do. He needed to date girls and fail miserably and learn what he needed and didn't like and who he ultimately wanted in a person. And over the course of that time the feelings they may have had for each other - the spark they may have had at the beginning of season 1 kind of waned. I think to go back right now and make them anything more than the good friends that they've become over the course of the show would not feel organic. 

It would not feel right. It would almost feel forced, especially since going into season 4 we have a lesser episode pick-up than a full season. We all kind of feel like we need to move towards what could be the happy endings for all of these characters. I don't think that Zoe and George were in the cards once we figured out how many episodes we had left.

None of the characters are good at love. Going into the final episodes, will they learn from their past and find love?

I would lean towards yes. Some of these characters will finally settle down with who their true soul mates are as blinded as they were to that fact over the course of the series. They're going to figure it out.

What was your favorite season 3 George moment?

Oh man. My favorite George moment of season 3 might actually be coming up in the finale. You haven't seen it in the preview, but someone who George has been highly enamored with this entire season, but hasn't actually appeared on the show is going to come to Bluebell in the flesh. George his going to meet one of his idols in the finale in Don Todd. 

And the Don Todd Monster Golf Safari was such an interesting little side plot of this entire season. At one point or another, every man in town was watching this show. Just in love with this guy, this reality television star, former pro golfer and his little nuggets of wisdom which at times has helped all the male characters in town. I'd say that's a highlight for me.

Romance is part of the show, but the male friendships are such an integral part as well, especially this season between George and Lavon. Which of their antics stands out for you?

I really liked breaking into the Luau party where George and Lavon have to dress up in Hawaiian shirts and limbo into the party and try and stay hidden so they can uncover Mayor Gainey's evil plots. And the ping-pong episode was a lot of fun. They just allowed Cress Williams and I to have some space and to kind of let that relationship breathe a little bit. I think we came up with a very interesting dynamic. 

As great as George and Wade are, I think there's a little bit of Wade that really frustrates George and I think there's a little bit of George that really frustrates Wade and so even though their relationship is deeper and they've been best friend since they were kids, there's almost a larger respect between Lavon and George. And sometimes George can be the one that goes crazy and Lavon steers him in the right direction and vice versa. So it was really fun to explore that dynamic. 

Also they have a been-there-done-that kind of feeling between the two of them where they both understand Lemon Breeland in a whole different way than anyone else. They allowed the two of them to kinda play that a little as well. Lavon makes his mistake with Annabeth and George's completely unlikely in love over the last two season and it's almost -- they almost kind of are now ignoring the female species and just being two dudes just hanging out together. It's been fun to not talk about girls this seasons as well.

What else can you tease about the season finale?

George is going to meet his idol and every man's idol in Bluebell as far as Don Todd is concerned. Him and Tom Long and Lavon go off on a little bit of a quest all together to figure out. They are all a little bit adrift and they're going to figure out if Don Todd can share some pearls of wisdom to get them back on the right path.

And then there's definitely going to be a conflict with another male character on the show as he decides the next direction in his life and who he wants he wants to spend his life with. And you'll see his dream girl kind of be the dream girl of another character on the show. It's going to be interesting. It's going to set up something really nice going into season 4.

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