The Brother-in-Law Discusses His Death on 'Harper's Island'
While many might have believed Richard Allen was the killer on Harper's Island, his untimely demise proved us wrong.  Actor David Lewis who plays the suspicious brother-in-law on the show talked about his disappearance last week and what his theory is regarding the murders.

David Lewis admitted that it was appalling to see his lungs sucked out by a harpoon.  Still, it was a unique way to go.  Upon seeing himself on TV, he said, "I had a couple drinks. I knew I was going out, so I just watched it by myself," he said on an interview with HitFix.  "But yeah, I liked it. I thought it looked good."

Many thought he was responsible for the deaths of the guests on Harper's Island, even his close relatives.  "There was a lot of "Dude, I thought you were the killer!"  And I'm like, "Well, um, thanks."  And, of course, my friends and family wanted to see me go on, but they were impressed by the way I went out, literally.  They were disappointed, but at the same time they were like, "Oh, that's a really cool death.  It's a good way to go."

Lewis has also said that he's been killed several times onscreen before, but this time on Harper's Island was special.  "We shot it a bunch of times, but you never really know," he explained.  "How's it gonna look?  Well, it looked cool.  I've got a whaling harpoon through my chest.  Already, chicks gotta dig that.  I mean, it's a cool way to go.  I get yanked out of frame and then they cut to my daughter.  Yeah, it was pretty slick."

Regarding his character, Richard, the actor believed that he wasn't a bad guy at all.  "He had the father-in-law who was belittling and demanding and talked s*** about Richard behind his back all the time," Lewis said.  "I was basically his whipping boy and I think this was just the male ego.  I took as much as I could take and there was an opening to get some retribution, even if he would never find out, I would know what was happening."

He continued, stating the relationship Richard had with his boss' wife Katherine (Claudette Mink).   "I don't see him as a bad guy at all," Lewis said of the character.  "He made some bad choices, but there's only so much you can take."

As for the killer, David Lewis is guessing it's the nice-guy groom.  "You know, I've got my eye on [Christopher Gorham's] Henry.  He's a little too nice.  Then you've got to starting thinking back, like when that person died, where was that other character?"

"The show is nicely layered and I think the producers have had to be on their game, because they have to make sure they can track back." Lewis continued.  "You can't cheat the audience. I'm edging toward Henry."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: HitFix
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