Hearing from 'Harper's Island's Abby and Henry
Since the beginning of Harper's Island, it was established that protagonist Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy) had an unshakeable relationship with Henry Dunn (Chistopher Gorham).  Viewers later found out that this would play an important part in the end, especially when we all discovered how the two are really related.

HitFix talked to the two stars of the series, who went on about how they felt about the creepy twist their characters had to endure.

Read no further if you haven't seen the finale of Harper's Island.

Playing the son of killer John Wakefield, Christopher Gorham revealed his own thoughts on being the second murderer.  "For me, from the beginning, even before I knew I was the killer, it just seemed to make the most sense that it was that character, but you never really know 'til the end, because you can't figure out why until we show you at the end."

Apparently, he already knew what was going on earlier in the filming process.  "I was told all of the secrets right near the end of Episode Seven, right before we started shooting Episode Eight," Gorham said.  "From that point forward, the producers really wanted me to know the truth of what was going on.  They wanted me to know that I had killed JD when we shot that scene."

Elaine found out later, when producer Dan Shotz spilled the beans.  "I found out when we got the script for Episode 12," she said.  "[W]e still had to keep the secret, because they'd only given the full script to a few people and there were still some cast members and all of the cast and stuff who got a script with the last few pages missing.  So we thought we could let it go and relax and talk about it, but everything had to be confidential."

As for his character's feelings for Abby, Christopher Gorham couldn't help but admit it was quite twisted.  "It's creepy... Yeah, because he's not a kid anymore, but the idea of them being together has been stuck in his head, so I think what you're getting at is is he frozen in time?  Is his love for Abby still a childish love?  I think the answer is "No, not anymore," but I think he still thinks of it that way."

He went on: "Worst case scenario, he could always stuff her and keep her like a doll.  I mean, that's how crazy he is.  That's why he had to be killed, because he was never going to stop.  He was never going to stop."

Elaine Cassidy sums up the Harper's Island finale with, "It was done very sudden, but it's tragic and it can't go any further and that's the only way to end this.  It's done with love and obviously pain and anger and hurt, a million-and-one different emotions."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: HitFix
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