Harper's Island: Taking a "Gurgle"
Tonight marks another game of whodunit as Harper's Island returns with the episode titled "Gurgle."  Last week we saw the demise of Malcolm Ross (Chris Gauthier), the groom who greedily took the money for himself and eventually thought of giving it up.  Having been sliced and thrown into the furnace, he's surely out of the question as the killer.

For the eighth episode tonight, fear continues to grip the guests and they threaten to leave the island despite the sheriff's orders.  In the chaos of everything, the creepy flower girl Madison (Cassandra Sawtell) goes missing.

The killer makes himself known as he admits to kidnapping her, telling everyone anonymously that he's likely to commit another murder if anyone decides to depart.  Blatantly faced with their own deaths, the guests turn against each other in order to save themselves.  As they get picked off one by one, friends will become enemies and the island becomes even more dangerous with their every step.

While it may seem like the Sheriff could be responsible for keeping the wedding party stuck in Harper's Island, the preview below hints otherwise.  As he investigates the forest to find out the identity of the killer, he gets caught in a trap that may just cost him his life.

The titles of the episode have always been treated as clues as to what a Harper's Island installment holds.  Since tonight's is "Gurgle," it could mean that someone dies in the water.  It's either that or something the dentist tells you at the end of an appointment, which is unlikely in this case.

Also, the clip shows the guests on a boat, which could lead us to believe that one of them could die the same way cousin Ben did on the first episode of the show.  Remember the man tied to the boat's propeller on "Whap"?

Producing more questions each time, we're led further into the mystery.  The new episode of Harper's Island, "Gurgle," will air on CBS tonight, June 6 at 9pm.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS
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