'Harper's Island' Survives Its Saturdays
Once a network reschedules a show, there's usually a scuffle among the audiences.  To watch or not to watch is usually the question, especially if one series coincides with another's timeslot.  Still, despite the move CBS made to transfer Harper's Island from Thursdays to Saturdays, the series remains strong.

The network had its reasons for appointing the mystery thriller to the weekend night, one of which was that several viewers tape the shows and watch them later.  Even though moving shows to Saturdays is an indication of weakness, the 13-episode suspense series pulled through.

When Harper's Island was aired on Thursdays, it got around 9.65 million viewers every time.  However, it's a minuscule number compared to the show that comes before it - CSI, which gets around 16 million.  The television executives didn't want like what the numbers implied, so they made the decision that put Harper's Island to the top.

Many already manage to tape shows on their DVR or watch shows over the World Wide Web.  Upon its online premiere, Harper's Island managed to rake in 11.29 million viewers after seven days.  It was pegged as the biggest in CBS history, earning the show an extra 15% in its overall ratings.  It proved that the series has achieved a solid base of fans, eager to record the show and watch it again.

According to CBS' senior executive vice president of prime time Kelly Kahl, the rescheduling of the series didn't make it suffer so much at all.  "The DVR and streaming data suggest a passionate audience outside its Thursday time period," she said in a statement.

While it's likely that some fans don't tune in to Harper's Island on Saturdays, the series won't simply die away.  No matter what its timeslot is, fans of the show remain happy that it's still on the air and that CBS didn't go all John Wakefield on it yet.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Daily News
(Image Courtesy of CBS)