'Harper's Island' Episode 2: Who's Going to Die?
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BuddyTV Users’ Picks:
-9.62 percent of users think Adam Campbell will be die
-9.40 percent of users think Cameron Richardson will die
-8.72 percent of users think Chris Gauthier will die

BuddyTV Expert Henry Jenkins’ Picks:
1 Amber Borycki
2 Sarah Smyth
3 Chris Gauthier

Elaine Cassidy, Katie Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, Cameron Richardson and Victor Webster have already emerged as the apparent leads and they're all likely safe. Even though this is the show where anybody can go at any time they still want to tell a good story, and that means making us care about these people for more than one week. Any of the obvious murder suspects - Richard Burgi, Dean Chekvala - are more than likely going to be around to get falsely accused later.

On the Bubble:
Adam Campbell is on the bubble. His relationship with Cameron Richardson was one of the most engaging aspects of the premiere, but the producers could feel the need to emotionally hook us early, since we barely knew Uncle Marty. The groom's best buddies Matt Barr and Brandon Jay McClaren could be used as pawns too in order to draw a huge emotional reaction out of the happy couple, if less so the audience.

Death Watch:
Horror movies make their bread and butter killing off prom queens and babysitters. After two male deaths in the premiere look for the series to go the classic route, with Amber Borycki's death likely to provoke an especially chilling reaction from the bride. Sarah Smyth seems glamorous and expendable, and Chris Gauthier's is such an obvious type that his death could produce a response even if we don't know much about hustler Malcolm.

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-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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