'Harper's Island' Episode 6: A Big "Sploosh"
After yet another gruesome death, Harper's Island returns tonight with the episode "Sploosh."  There have been eight people murdered so far, especially since the Dunn-Wellington wedding is getting nearer.  That was some cliffhanger during the rehearsal last week, a well-crafted plot in which an axe drops straight from the church chandelier.  In one deft fall, it went straight through the skull of Thomas Wellington (Richard Burgi). 

Considering the death of the bride's rich daddy, will the wedding still push through?  And since all the guests - the live ones anyway - were present during that killing, they're now fully aware of their own impending fates.  After a series of quiet and private deaths, Thomas' came as a shocker.  It also makes you wonder if this is the surprise J.D. (Dean Chekvala) was telling Henry (Christopher Gorham) about.

There's also the lingering enigma regarding the whereabouts of Chloe and Cal.  Did they just disappear to have some fun by themselves or are they already corpses rotting somewhere in the forest?

Despite all these questions, we finally we get to see more of the cast investigate what's really going on in the island.  The father of the bride just split, literally, forcing the crew to dig deeper into the mystery.  On "Sploosh" tonight, the events at the rehearsal push Abby (Elaine Cassidy), Henry, and J.D. to try and solve the murder on their own.

Like the audience, the trio will brave anything to find out who the killer is.  Abby has already discovered that the legendary homicidal maniac John Wakefield could still be alive and active.  Henry realized that he can't even trust his own brother, while J.D. is stirring up even more trouble for the guests.  There's also the identity of the strange man who set his rabid dog loose on Trish and Thomas.

If anything, all the answers to these questions really won't be obtained tonight.  Also, with a title like "Sploosh," who knows what to expect?  It sounds like someone's going to get consumed by a bowl of Jell-O. We'll see what comes next on Harper's Island as it airs tonight at 9pm on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS
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