'Harper's Island' Episode 3: Who's Going to Die?
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BuddyTV Users' Picks:
-13.09 percent of users think Sean Rogerson will be die
-12.48 percent of users think Chris Gauthier will die
-10.35 percent of users think David Lewis will die

BuddyTV Expert Henry Jenkins' Picks:
1 Chris Gauthier
2 Ben Cotton
3 Ali Liebert

Elaine Cassidy, Katie Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, Cameron Richardson and Dean Chekvala are all still safe with C.J. Thomason joining them as a pivotal character who can't be spared this early. Despite having appeared very little so far Jim Beaver is also certain to be around for a while, since his emotional reaction to the new killings is almost as necessary as Abby's. The more times Adam Campbell dies the more I tend to think he's in this for the long haul too.

On the Bubble:
Sean Rogerson, Matt Barr, Gina Holden, David Lewis, Claudette Mink, Brandon Jay McLaren, Beverley Elliot and Amber Borycki are all playing background characters. So far none of them have contributed much to the story which makes any of them potentially expendable. But for a variety of minor reasons like Barr's Best Man giving the groom someone to talk to or Beverley Elliot looking like she has a few creepy scenes in her they seem less likely to go this week.

Death Watch:
Since last week two of the women died - and the producers won't want to turn this show into one big group of guys - expect two of the men to get the axe this week. Chris Gauthier jist seems like he was written to die some sort of cool death. He doesn't have a function within the story. He just stands out in a group shot as the obese, hairy one. Sounds like early death material. Last week's episode perfectly set up Ben Cotton's vulgar hunter Shane as someone fans will want to see pay the price. He doesn't strike me as likely to have a prolonged story arc, meaning his nastiness may have been set up simply for a short term payoff in Episode 3. Ali Liebert showed up briefly as biker Nikki in Episode 2 without serving any real purpose. The moment seemed intended to make viewers aware she was there, part of the fabric of the town. That may also have been a set up for an Episode 3 death since she seems expandable.

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-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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