Four Survived 'Harper's Island," And the Series?
One of this year's guilty pleasures is over, with death all around and the mystery not-so-neatly wrapped up.  Harper's Island has given audiences plenty to think about, from the identity of the killer to the identity of a second killer.

The final two episodes - "Gasp" and "Sigh" - had fans tuned in to close up the mystery.  The surprise was eventually revealed, but it didn't have as much impact as we thought.

If you haven't watched the finale of Harper's Island and don't want it spoiled, look away now.

So the second killer was the groom, Henry Dunn (Christopher Gorham), who was apparently Wakefield's son - pretty cheesy twist, if you ask me.  He was already a suspect from the beginning, simply because he's one of the main characters.  There were hardly any hints of his psychotic behavior though, especially since the actors had no idea how the series would end.  Also, why would you decide on getting married in a place famous for legendary killings unless your dad was there?

Later, we find out that Henry has been playing accomplice to his dad.  He and Wakefield wanted Abby to be part of their big happy family in Harper's Island.  They thought the only way to do this was to kill everyone else, when they could've just kidnapped her and moved away somewhere.  Wouldn't that have been easier?

Anyway, the two murderers were killed, and there are now four survivors left.  Abby being alive was expected, whether she was Wakefield's child or not, but I didn't think Madison had a chance.  Now that it's all done with, could there be another run of Harper's Island?

Seeing how the series actually managed to go that far, there's a chance it might return with an entirely different cast.  It managed to hold on to its small audience, gaining 3.84 million viewers for its finale.  While the thriller provided some with just the right amount of entertainment, it doesn't seem like a good idea for CBS to air another 13-episode installment.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, TV By the Numbers
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