Elaine Cassidy Bares Her Thoughts on 'Harper's Island'
Most of us suspected Abby to be the killer set loose on Harper's Island, but recent episodes of the series seem to have torn that notion apart.  Still, Irish actress Elaine Cassidy who plays the protagonist is hoping that the revelation will blow audiences away.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Cassidy admitted that finding out the identity of the killer won't be as uplifting as knowing who won a season of The Bachelor.  Perhaps that's a good thing, if you're into gore and tricky whodunits like she is.

No stranger to difficult roles, Elaine Cassidy said about the show: "It's such an intense time because you're working really hard with subject matter like this.  There were lots of hard days where you got knocks on your shoulders because of a situation that all the characters are in; it's not a romantic comedy, that's for sure."

Even though she's had her fair share of playing murderers and mothers, the actress couldn't help but be drawn to the premise of the hit CBS series.  Like the audience, she too got hooked in the game.  However, she's the one in the midst of things.

Another reason why she's stuck on Harper's Island is the challenge of playing an American.  "I'm used to playing different accents -- that's part of why I love this job," she admitted.  "I love when you get to learn about different places and characters and where they're from.  It identifies with who they are."

As for identifying with her own role, Elaine Cassidy researched for months.  With Abby being the writer she is, it was necessary to look up the profession and the struggles she has with her father.

"You find yourself doing things and researching things and learning things that you would never normally think twice about," she explained.

Even though she wouldn't dare reveal who the killer is - despite everyone knowing that John Wakefield is actually alive - the actress can sympathize.  It was difficult to figure out and she of all people knew why.  "We knew our back stories and then it slowly unfolded.  We were the audience while we were filming as well, which I thought was really interesting."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Los Angeles Times
(Image Courtesy of CBS)