'Happy Town': Preview of Series Premiere 'In This Home on Ice'
'Happy Town': Preview of Series Premiere 'In This Home on Ice'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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It may not be this decade's Twin Peaks after all, but those who enjoyed the short but exciting run of Harper's Island are in for a treat tonight with the premiere of Happy Town.

Is 'Happy Town' This Decade's 'Twin Peaks'?

On the premiere episode "In This Home on Ice" we are introduced to Haplin, Minnesota - fondly referred to as "Happy Town" by locals - at a time when a terrible crime is bringing back memories of the infamous "Magic Man." This, after the idyllic town finds an uneasy peace for the past five years. Promo after the jump:

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Of course, "Magic Man" has returned - and along with him/her/it, the secrets and personalities of Haplin's very own prominent citizens come under scrutiny. We are introduced to Henley (Lauren German), a newcomer to Haplin, who decided to take up residence there. Her arrival comes with news of a gruesome murder at the local pond.

Soon, we start to hear of tales about an unknown evil force known simply as the "Magic Man," responsible for a spate of abductions of Haplin residents in the not-so-distant past. Called on the scene is Tommy (Geoff Stults), a small town deputy and son of the long-time popular sheriff.

We are also introduced to the Haplin founding family, who run the local bread factory, the town's largest employer, mysterious matriarch Peggy and quick-tempered son John, whose daughter was one of the Magic Man's many victims. There are more characters on Happy Town, which suggest this can very well follow the Harpers Island-type of plot.

Catch the series premiere of Happy Town tonight 10pm on ABC.

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