'Happy Endings' Premiere Recap: It Ain't All Sinbrad
'Happy Endings' Premiere Recap: It Ain't All Sinbrad
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and ex Dave (Zachary Knighton) are on again but keeping things "cazsh." Max (Adam Pally) plays nursemaid --more accurately gaymaid-- to a clutzy Penny (Casey Wilson). Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr.) keeps a secret from Jane (Eliza Coupe).

If You See Penny, Pick Her Up

Penny's new boyfriend Chris (Brian Austin Green) tries to sweep Penny off her feet, literally, when he takes her base jumping off a skyscraper. Penny loses her nerve at the last minute, only to fall down a flight of stairs while racing to meet Chris at the bottom. Unfortunately for Penny, the entire incident was caught on her helmet camera. While all her friends laugh hysterically at the footage, Jane does recognize how badly her friend could have been hurt, "That was a massive fall, and we should all thank our lucky stars that Penny made it out of there unscathed." Penny, in a cast reminiscent of Joan Cusack's in Sixteen Candles, disagrees, "I'm extremely scathed."

On Again

Dave and Alex tell announce they are casually dating, "Trust us, the last thing we want is for things to get complicated like in It's Complicated, so we're just going to go with it like in Just Go With It and be friends with benefits like in No Strings Attached," says Alex.

Horrible at Playing Hooky

Brad seems determined to relax, and Jane is ecstatic to have her husband at home. She even suggest that Brad revisit some of his old hobbies, which include a ventriloquist's dummy named Sinbrad. Jane tells Brad that as a working couple she feared they would grow apart. As soon as Jane leaves for her job, Brad heads off to work. He goes to great lengths to cover up his indiscretion, but like most men, he gets caught in his lie.

Patient Go Heal Thyself

Max takes care of high-maintenance patient Penny who chastises him for leaving "residual crust" on her sandwich. "I have been bustin my humps being your male nurse, because I genuinely love these gift baskets and to a lesser extent you; you know because we're best friends and we love each other and all that barf. But, you are the worst patient ever," Max states. Fed up, he grabs a generous number of the aforementioned baskets and starts to make an extremely dramatic exit when he runs into Penny's handsome physical therapist Kent (Matthew Del Negro).

If Wendy Williams Says So

In an attempt to prove to her sister that she is not getting serious with Dave, Alex gets a cute bartender's phone number for Dave. Realizing that she is not as cool with Dave going out with someone else as she thought, Alex crashes his date. Dave decides he doesn't want to see anyone else. Alex admits she feels the same way.

A Fatter Kathy Bates

His tantrum forgotten, Max decides stay and drool over Kent. Penny is scheduled to get out of her cast the following day. When the doctor calls, Max tells him Penny is out of the country. He then tells Penny she'll have to be in the cast another week. When Penny discovers the truth, she accuses Max of "Misery-ing" her. Desperate for some alone time with Kent, Max drugs penny with Sleepytime tea and a sedative and locks her in her bedroom. Max serves as a substitute patient when Kent arrives. Penny manages to escape and tells Kent everything. Ready to defend himself with a touching soliloquy, Brad changes his mind, and admit to Kent  that he's a skeeve and says, "Get the hell out of here." He apologizes to Penny for being so boy crazy.

No Work and All Play

Brad apologizes to Jane for lying. He admits he could use some time off and promises her that they'll never drift apart. Jane tells him she just wants him to be happy. As they kiss and make up, Sinbrad also sees a little action.

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