'Hannibal' Recap: Will Knows Hannibal's Biggest Secret
'Hannibal' Recap: Will Knows Hannibal's Biggest Secret
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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Will makes some really important realizations on tonight's episode of Hannibal, and we come very close to saying goodbye to a beloved character. 

Will is actually not featured as heavily in tonight's episode, but what he does go through is extremely important for him and everyone involved in his case. 

The One That Got Away

The episode begins with him in his "happy place," or "mind palace," as I like to call it (thanks Sherlock), talking to Abigail about luring in and catching fish. But they're actually talking about catching her killer, or "the one that got away." 

Then Beverly visits him, and Will again tries to convince her of Hannibal's guilt. She suggests the mural killer had a partner, but Will insists they didn't. The second killer understood the muralist and could convince them to be a part of their masterpiece, but they weren't in cahoots. He tries to make the case that Hannibal is the man they're looking for, and Beverly is still skeptical, but willing to keep looking, which is all Will asks. 

The Body

So what's the death of the week on this episode of Hannibal? We're back to bodies in the woods, it seems, and the one that's found this week features an entire beehive growing out of the corpse. I can honestly say I did not see that one coming.

When the body is examined, the team finds out that it's eyes and part of the brain are missing, because of course they are, something has to be if we're watching Hannibal. Honey bees did in fact make the corpse their home, and actual honey was being made in it, so the show just went a different route this week as far as the food angle goes. Sort of.

After further examination, they figure out a few key facts about the body - it was lobotomized, the individual's white blood cell count was up, and the guy in question has been missing for six months. There's theories thrown around regarding religious symbolism, but viewers quickly get some insight into what actually happened.

Worst. Scene. Ever.

A woman is shown performing acupuncture on a man, and as she inserts needles into various parts of his body, he remarks they he doesn't feel a thing. She replies that that's great, because he totally won't feel what she's about to do.

She then proceeds to stab some sort of instrument into his eye, which looked really freaking painful to me, thanks. I, on the other hand, proceeded to scream until the commercial break. Apparently, cannibalism on primetime television, I can handle. Anything having to do with jamming things into eyes? Not so much.

That guy is then found wandering without his eyes in a park by a little girl, who will probably need therapy for life, hopefully not under the watchful eye of Hannibal Lecter. He's inspected and found to have tiny holes all over his body, and appears to be covered in bee stings. Yikes.

Beverly's Game

That sound led to a realization for Beverly, following an earlier comment made by Hannibal. In a conversation, she asked him for help with the muralist case, and he told her essentially that she had to look deeper. 

They also chat a bit about Will, and she passes off that Will doesn't know who he thinks killed the muralist, even though she is very aware he believes Hannibal is the culprit. The girl is playing with fire, here, and she's gonna get burned.

When Beverly remembers that conversation, she realizes she has to look further, like they did with the second hive victim, for other marks or something hidden underneath the stitching on the muralist's body. When she does, she discovers that the man's kidney is missing. Which, I have to say, seems like kind of a big thing to miss the first time around.

Testing, Testing

Just because there was a lot going on on Hannibal tonight, doesn't mean Will didn't have some very significant scenes. Early on, Chilton asks if he can perform some tests on Will to learn more about his disorders, and Will agrees, but only after demanding that Chilton not discuss anything about Will or his therapy with Hannibal. Because the guy is so trustworthy, of course.

After signing a consent form, Will is injected with a drug before his questioning, and asks whether there's a similar drug and method that could be used to cause memory loss. Chilton admits there is, but it would require tools and skills, ones that Will implies Hannibal probably has. 

When Will is injected, the show goes absolutely nuts with the lights and music, and while I know what they were trying to go for, I feel like it was trying a bit to hard. The music, especially, was too much, too dramatic, to an almost farcical degree.

Then, Will starts to remember.

A Bold Accusation

While Chilton asks questions, Will sees Hannibal in his place, and then in previous places they had been that he couldn't remember the particulars of before. He sees one of his weird, screwed up clock drawings, and Hannibal's face totally distorted during earlier questioning, for example.

During some of the memory recall, Will realizes that Hannibal induced seizures during their sessions, using things like light manipulation. Chilton makes a comment about the brain needing to already be affected by something else, and Will reminds him that he was suffering from encephalitis at the time. That'll do it. 

Chilton then goes to Hannibal and talks about what was revealed during his testing of Will, since that whole "don't discuss me" thing that Will asked of him meant nothing to the guy. He states that he thinks Will is or was suffering from a series of illnesses, some of which may have been induced, and says that Hannibal may have been psychic driving Will.

Hannibal comments that that's a bold accusation to make, but Chilton reminds him that he's not the only psychiatrist to ever be accused of making a patient kill. Abel Gideon, anyone?

Bella, Bella, Bella

Gina Torres returns as Jack's wife in tonight's episode, and while I always think she's the epitome of beauty, she's lookin' a bit rough here. Which makes sense, because apparently her husband convinced her to give chemo treatment for her cancer a shot. 

She and Hannibal talk about her suffering, and she suggests that she is contemplating suicide. "The war is over," she tells him. "I want to surrender."

Hannibal tells her that he actually finds the idea of death comforting (because of course he does), and that death doesn't have to be a defeat at all, but rather, a cure. Which she definitely takes to heart, because even during a cute scene in which she and Jack smoke marijuana (for her treatment and to "support" her, ha!), she changes the mood and tells him that she added a DNR order to her medical wishes.

Because Bella Crawford saw her mother die of cancer too, and she knows just how painful it will be for her and just how little her husband will be able to do for her in the end. He's sweet about it, and says that he won't remember her that way, because he believes she'll pull through. But Bella is resigned.

Will's Realization

Meanwhile, Will continues to remember earlier encounters with Hannibal that prove, at least to himself, the man's guilt. He recalls the "episode" he had with Abel in the room, and this time listens to the conversation Abel and Hannibal had that implied Hannibal's identity as the Chesapeake Ripper.

Beverly and Will chat some more, and Beverly tells him about the hidden sutures on the muralist's body. Will comments that Hannibal was a surgeon, and she tells him that she knows that and had asked the man for his help with the muralist case.

Will promptly freaks out, telling her that Hannibal is toying with her. "Stay away from Hannibal Lecter," he tells her, and right about here is where I started freaking out again, convinced that Beverly is totally gonna die.

She questions what the killer has been doing with his "trophies," and Will makes what's probably the most shocking discovery of the night: he remembers eating with Hannibal, and realizes that the food was people all along. "He's eating them," he says gravely to Beverly, and he's awfully calm about it, when I would personally probably be barfing in the corner after comprehending that.


Back to the serial killer of the week, and Jack and a few of his men drop in for a visit with our resident honey-loving serial killer. The first female serial killer on Hannibal, if I'm not mistaken. And also a champion of the Hunger Games - did you recognize Amanda Plummer as Katherine Pimms? She was absolutely stunning in this role.

Basically, Ms. Pimms admits to the crime, but she believes she was giving the two victims relief. In the case of the man found in the woods, she didn't leave him there to die, she simply "quieted his mind," so he could die there in peace. The other guy had arthritis, and after her treatment, she tells them, he walked without pain for the first time. She insists that she was protecting them from hopelessness. Case closed, delusional murderer uncovered.

A Final Remedy

Bella goes to Hannibal, and she's so weak she needs his help to cross the room and sit down. She's brought him a gift, a coin of some sort, for helping her to realize her death could be a cure and not a defeat.

She then admits that she took all of her morphine, and that she didn't want to die at home where Jack would find her and have to deal with the aftermath. "You denied him his goodbye," he states, but she insists she just spared him a painful goodbye, before asking Hannibal to tell her husband she loves him, and promptly passing out.

Now, I thought maybe she had already died, but I was wrong. Hannibal creepily takes her in for a moment, then flips the coin she gave him. Apparently he put a wager on the flip, and the side that was assigned to saving Bella's life won, because he finds a drug to combat the effects of what she took and he injects her with it. 

Later, in the hospital, Bella wakes with Jack at her bedside, repeatedly telling her that's he's there. That's of course not what Bella wanted, and when Hannibal comes to her to apologize for not letting her do what she asked, and gives her the coin back, she slaps him clear across the face. About time someone did!

Beverly Knows

Beverly, smart cookie that she is, has her suspicions about Hannibal at last. So when she's informed that Jack's at the hospital thanks to an emergency with his wife, and that Hannibal is there too, she decides to go on a little reconnaissance mission. 

And here's when I started freaking out for her safety again. She apparently decided searching Hannibal's house, alone, at night, was a good idea, so maybe I should take back that smart cookie statement. She goes through the house - with gloves, at least, she has the forethought for that - and finds meat in the fridge. Hannibal's very specific speciality of meat, that is.

But then she spills blood out of the baggie, and when it falls to the floor, she notices it seep down between the floorboards and to the basement. So she decides to check that level out, because apparently Beverly has never seen a horror movie ever and doesn't realize that's a really terrible idea.

She definitely sees something eye-opening there, but it's too late. We see Hannibal standing behind her before she realizes he's there, and that's when I literally screamed at my tv set. 

There are gunshots, but we don't see what happens next. However, Hannibal is in the preview for next week's episode, and Beverly is not, so I'm fearing the worst right now, folks.

Hannibal airs Friday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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