'Hannibal' Recap: Triumvirate Formed By Killing and a Secret
'Hannibal' Recap: Triumvirate Formed By Killing and a Secret
Carla Day
Carla Day
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One big difference between Hannibal and other procedurals or crime-based dramas is that the writers take great care in providing unique serial killer motifs. Whether it's a human mushroom garden, using body parts for musical instrument strings or as a gourmet dish, every case that Jack and Will investigate is extraordinary. The case in "Trou Normand" was over-the-top bizarre and artistic in the creepiest of ways.

Human Totem Pole

What? Yes, a totem pole created with a puzzle of body parts. Will used his ability to recount the crime scene. The serial killer carefully worked to display his literally "body of work." His last victim was forced to watch as he finished his creation.

The killer then stabbed the last victim and added him to the top of his masterpiece. The deceased was positioned with his legs wrapped over his back and embracing the face. The totem pole was raised and left it to be found and admired. The killer left his legacy on that beach.

The totem pole was created with 17 bodies. Six were found on the beach and the remainder were dug up out of their graves. Most of the deceased were thought to have died of natural causes, but Will maintained that they were all murdered and he was correct.

The killer left clues that led the investigation right to him. The first kill, Fletcher Marshall, was from 1973 and that decedent was the father of the most recent victim, Joel Summers. From there they tracked down the killer who was waiting for them in his living room.

The killer thrived on murdering his victims anonymously without drawing any attention to their deaths, but he knew. He attended the funerals, befriended the loved ones all the while knowing and being exhilarated by the fact he was responsible for their death.

With not enough money for a decent retirement home, he was ready to come clean and secure his legacy. Prison would be a step up from his current life. He had an affair with Fletcher's wife and that's why he killed him. Though, what he didn't know was that his last victim, Joel, was actually his son.

And, even though he wanted to be caught, he was forced to deal with the truth of what he did when he was told, "You didn't secure your legacy, you destroyed it." His son was not only raised thinking a dead man was his father instead of him, but he killed his own son.

Will's Continued Deterioration

When Will left the beach crime scene, he went into an other black out that lasted a three hour drive from West Virginia to Hannibal's office. Will came to sitting in the doctor's office. Hannibal questioned Will about why he didn't quit when Jack gave him the chance. 

Hannibal said that Will was suffering from self-induced abuse. The doctor warned Will, "I don't want you to wake and see a totem of your own making." Will just dismissed him.

Will went to see Jack and asked if he noticed anything wrong with him when he was at the beach. Jack denied that he noticed anything. Will said that he was fine, but his face displayed just the opposite. Why didn't Jack push him for the truth? Why is Jack so determined to use him even if it risks his health?

In his classroom, Will was in another disassociated state when Alana shows up. He apologized for kissing her and she revealed that she does have feelings for him. She can't and won't act on them though, because of Will's conditions. She tells him, "I think you are unstable. And, until that changes I can only be your friend."

She hugs him and Will embraces her back tightly. He desperately needs something to hold on to and she may be able to cure him with her caring and concern.

Abigail Comes Clean

Abigail continued to struggle with what happened to her. She had a nightmare about all the girls that were killed so that she could live. Why did her father want to kill her? She wasn't given an answer and that haunts her. She also struggles over killing Boyle.

She met with Freddie about collaborating on a book about her story. Freddie told her that she had no money, since the victims sued for her father's money. And, writing a book would get her truths out there.

Hannibal and Will were upset that Abigail would betray their trust and tell their story too. Since Hannibal knows about Boyle, he used that to discretely threaten her from doing the book. 

In response, Abigail dug up Boyle's body so it would be found and she would no longer have his death hanging over her and in her nightmares. Jack tried to get the truth out of her, but she brilliantly lied her way through the examination.

Hannibal's infiltration in the group and their trust of him was highlighted when Alana said, ""Any reservations I have about Abigail don't extend to Hannibal." He lied and covered up the event, which put Abigail in the clear ... for now at least.

Abigail's trust in Hannibal has been unwavering even when he continually manipulated her into leaving the book behind. She finally had to come clear and talk to someone about the truth and she exposed the terrible truth. She helped her father find the girls.

Just like she killed Boyle, she helped her father in self-defense of sorts. She confessed, "It was them or me." She believes she's a monster and Hannibal tried to dispel that. He reassured her, "I know what monsters look like. You were a victim. Will and I will protect you." And, they hugged.

Hannibal Pulls Will In

In one of Will's nightmares, he had a vision of Boyle's death. With knowledge of how he was killed, Will was able to put the pieces together and realized that Abigail did kill him. He confronted Hannibal about what happened that night.

Hannibal immediately admitted the truth and that he helped bury the body. Will ridiculed his ability to hid the body. Hannibal asked whether Will talked to Jack already and starting grabbing for a small knife on his desk.

When will replied that he hadn't told Jack anything because he hoped it wasn't true, Hannibal went with another approach. He went up to Will and used a personal touch to bring them on the same side.

Hannibal was able to convince Will to keep the secret for Abigail's sake. Even though Will could disclose the secret, it was a big win for Hannibal. It created a bond between the two men that the doctor has been craving. 

Hannibal, Will, and Abigail are bonded together through the secret and the killings of Tobias, Boyles, and Hobbes. Now, Hannibal and Will are Abigail's two fathers. A triumvirate was created of killers and a common secret.

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