'Hannibal' Recap: Taking Risks to Have a Friend
'Hannibal' Recap: Taking Risks to Have a Friend
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Hannibal, there is no shortage of psychopathic killers out there for Jack and Will to investigate. This time, in "Fromage," the killer was much closer to their inner circle than they ever realized. Dr. Lecter had some major cover up work to do in order to protect his secret.

Franklin's Back and His Friend is a Killer

Hannibal's patient, Franklin, has provided quite a bit of information about the doctor through their interactions and sessions. Franklin and Hannibal are alike in their desire for friendship and to leave the loneliness behind.

As Franklin developed an unhealthy fixation on Dr. Lecter, Hannibal has a similarly dysfunctional one with his own therapist. On this visit, Franklin wants to use his session time to analyze and figure out if his friend Tobias is a psychopath.

Hannibal tells Franklin that he may be attracted to psychopaths. That sounds about right. The poor guy is friends with Tobias and wants Hannibal as a friend. Those are two guys that it would be best to stay away from.

Tobias' Serenade to Hannibal

Tobias is killing his victims for parts similar to Hannibal, though instead of creating exquisite gourmet meals, Tobias uses them to make beautiful music. In order to get Hannibal's attention, Tobias killed a trombonist and used his vocal cords to play music like a violin.

His message was received loud and clear when Franklin tipped Hannibal off in their session. The doctor met with Tobias and then invited him over for dinner. Tobias flaunted his kills and told Hannibal that he wanted the FBI to find him. Once they got close, he planned on killing Franklin and then disappearing.

Tobias had followed Hannibal and was well aware of his extracurricular activities, which made him a threat. Just has Franklin and Hannibal were looking for a friend, that's all Tobias wanted. But, Hannibal rejected that offer and said he was going to kill his dinner guest instead.

The two serial killers' game was interrupted when Will showed up, but it was far from over.

Will's Losing It

Poor Will. He kept hearing the sound of a wounded animal. When he went in search of it, he called Alana to help him. While they are both attracted to each other, they continued to push each other away. When Will heard the noise again in his house, he called her again.
This time, he made his move and kissed her. He acknowledged that she refused to be alone in a room with him until now. And, she said that they couldn't be together because she would continually analyze him. She didn't think he would be good for her, but that didn't stop them from kissing again. She left, but the potential for more is still there. 

After she left, Will headed to see Hannibal for help working through his issues. It was particularly interesting to find out that he's wanted to kiss her since he first saw her. He's quite smitten by her as demonstrated by calling her "kissable."
Outside of his attraction to her, his mental condition continued to be a problem. When he went to see Tobias, he hurt the animal cries again and his disappearance cost two police officers their lives.

The End

After killing the police officers and nearly killing Will, Tobias showed up at Dr. Lecter's office and interrupted Franklin's appointment and confessed to the killings. Franklin took the role of a therapist and tried to get Tobias to turn himself in. 

Once Hannibal had heard enough, he broke Franklin's neck. He couldn't allow Tobias to turn himself in or get away because he knew the doctor's most precious secret. That led to a kick-ass fight between Hannibal and Tobias.

In the end, Hannibal killed Tobias. He played a few notes on the piano and called in the authorities. He blamed Franklin's death on Tobias and once again got away with murder. Though, Jack and Will were suspicious about the event.

Hannibal met with his therapist and appeared to be upset about the attack. He had to be playing her, right? He wanted to use the experience to get into her head and  find out more about what had happened to her.

Hannibal is highly manipulative, but he also has a weakness. He wants a friend and he's willing to risk it all to get closer to Will.

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