'Hannibal' Recap: What Do You See?
'Hannibal' Recap: What Do You See?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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It's another day, which means Will and Jack are hunting down another serial killer on Hannibal. This time the case is a bit different when a murder is committed inside a mental hospital. Was the notorious Chesapeake Ripper locked up for the last two years unbeknownst to the FBI? In "Entree," this unsolved serial murder investigation is renewed and it's one that hits home with one of the investigators. 

Introducing the Murderous Dr. Gideon

Instead of a murder out in the regular world, this case started when a patient murdered the night nurse at a mental hospital. Dr. Gideon, the patient and prisoner, was serving out his time for killing his wife and family.

This time, though, he killed a nurse in a similar manner to a infamous serial killer, Chesapeake Ripper, who had been dormant for about the same amount of time that Gideon had been locked up.

Could the FBI had the serial killer in custody for all these years and not know it? It seemed possible at first, but the closer they looked at the nurse's killing and due to outside clues, it seemed less likely.

At the hospital, Dr. Chilton seemed quite interested in learning about and from Will Graham. He even commented that Will was "quite the talk in psychiatric circles." There was something a bit off about Dr. Chilton. I hope we see more of him.

The Real Chesapeake Ripper

At first, it appeared that Gideon could have been the Ripper, but that theory was quickly debunked. In the initial investigation, Jack used a new FBI trainee, Miriam Lass. She got close to the case and disappeared.

It was presumed that she was taken and killed by the Chesapeake Ripper, but unlike the other victims her body was never found and the no other victims were attributed to the Ripper after that.

Will thought the nurse killing looked like the Ripper, but didn't feel like it. That was followed up by Jack receiving phone calls with a message from Miriam. Was it the Ripper reaching out to say they had the wrong guy?

Jack decided to push the real Chesapeake Ripper by giving Freddie Lounds and interview with Dr. Gideon that confirmed that he was the real killer. This would push the buttons of the real killer, but also could push him to kill again.

The Chesapeake Ripper is ... Hannibal! 

He was visibly irritated when he read Freddie's article. Wow. That Hannibal is all over the place with his killings. It's no wonder he's not caught. He changes up his victims, methods, and is careful about leaving evidence.

Jack received another call from "Miriam" and this time it came from his own bedroom. Miriam's fingerprint was left on the phone and her hair was found on his wife's pillow. Someone (Hannibal?) is playing him.

Jack received one more phone call from "Miriam" and this time it was traced to an observatory and it included a phone number. When he reached the observatory with Will, he called the number and followed the ring.

The phone was in the hand of a cut-off arm with a note that said, "What do you see?" Miriam's arm? It was clear that the Chesapeake Ripper was still at large and not Dr. Gideon. 

In a flashback, we see Miriam visit Dr. Lecter to question him about one of the Chesapeake Ripper victims that visited an Emergency Room while he was on staff at the hospital. Hannibal answered her questions and even offered to let her read his journals from that day. All was well until it wasn't.

Miriam came across some drawings and one of them was of a person with wounds exactly like those that the Chesapeake Ripper used on his victims. Hannibal saw her and knocked her out. How long did he keep her alive? At least long enough to record the message for Jack.

Given how careful Hannibal is in his killings, it was unexpectedly careless of him to have that drawing in his office. Did he want to get caught? Or, was it arrogance? 

Odds and Ends

  • When Will reconstructed the nurse's murder, it was so realistic in the way it was set up. It was freaky. It's amazing that Will is able to do anything given his ability and isn't a basketcase.
  • Dr. Chilton's interactions with Dr. Bloom and Will were super creepy. There has to be more to his story though I'm a bit nervous to find out what more there is to him.
  • Jack's closeness to Dr. Lecter is disconcerting, especially since Jack was stressing over Miriam and it was the doctor that was making the calls.
  • Jack's love for his wife and distress over her cancer is difficult to watch. It feeds into how engrossed Hannibal has become in both Jack and Will's life. I wish Jack's wife would find a new sounding board, because a continued relationship with Dr. Lecter will end bad.
  • Why was Freddie Lounds wearing gloves everywhere? Did I miss an explanation? I don't remember her wearing them in previous episodes.
  • Hannibal's dinner meals continue to be creepy. He served tongue from a "Chatty Lamb"? Could that have been Miriam? Yuck!
Did you figure out that Hannibal was the Chesapeake Ripper? Does he care about Jack and/or Will at all? Or, is he just playing them for thrills? Could Miriam still be alive?

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