'Hannibal' Recap: A Human-Fertilized Mushroom Garden
'Hannibal' Recap: A Human-Fertilized Mushroom Garden
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Hannibal, Will Graham is dealing with the aftermath of his return to the field and killing someone for the first time when he gets pulled into another odd case. Jack's determined to continue to use Will and forced him into therapy with Hannibal. In "Amuse-Bouche," the relationship between Will and Hannibal became closer, but the doctor's motivations remained suspect.

Sprig of Zest

After shooting and killing Garrett Jacob Hobbs, Will struggled with his reaction. He went to the shooting range to clear his mind and Jack wanted him to get therapy from Hannibal. Will reluctantly agree to talk to the doctor.

When he arrived for the session, Hannibal rubber stamped his approval. Nice manipulation, Doctor. Since Will no longer had to stay, it opened up an honest conversation between the two men.

They met several times, but it was their meeting after Will shot Stammets that was the most informative. Hannibal thought that Will was struggling with his "sprig of zest" that he got from killing Hobbs. Was Will happy because he saved Abigail? Or, was it pleasure from taking a life.

Will knew he liked killing Hobbs and wasn't sure that he wasn't trying to kill Stammets too. Will is a bad shot after all. Is it possible that by getting into the minds of killers, he will turn into one himself?

Human-Fertilized Mushroom Garden

I didn't expect the show to get creepier than cannibal killers, but Hannibal surprised me in the second episode. The similarities between a cannibal killer that eats its victims to keep them close and one that uses the bodies to feed mushrooms is strikingly similar.

Eldon Stammets used his position as a pharmacist to taint diabetic's insulin and putting them into a coma. That allowed him to easily move them, plant them in his garden, and put them on his homemade life support.

Stammets was motivated by the connection he felt to his victims, just like Garrott Jacob Hobbs.

Tabloid Trouble

Will not only has to deal with his own complicated abilities, Jack's oversight, but a pesky tabloid reporter, Freddie Lounds, as well. She searched Hobbs cabin before the FBI, manipulated her way into crime scenes, and was able to get both the local cop and FBI Agent Zeller into giving her information.

Her reporting tipped off Stammets and helped him escape from the FBI. Her report on Will's abilities put him at risk and has made him a target of killers now too. Stammets killed the local cop to get to Freddie.

She's lucky that he didn't kill her too after she revealed what she knew about Will and Abigail. Stammets thought that Will would understand him. The killer wanted to help Will by putting Abigail in the ground which would allow them to connect.

Freddie's reporting is feeding the crazed minds of killers. And, it's unclear, but seems probable that Hannibal is helping her now. He tipped off Hobbs, so why wouldn't he also use Freddie to help in his manipulation of Will.

Odds and Ends

  • Gourmet meals will always be icky and creepy on Hannibal. What exactly does he eat and serve to his guests?
  • Loin. What kind? Pork. Really? I don't buy it, do you?
  • Did Abigail help her father kill the girls? It would make sense that he would serve them to his family, but was she aware of what he was doing? I'd like to think she's innocent, but at this point it seems unlikely.
  • Will feels responsible for Abigail since he made her an orphan, but he would probably feel that way even if he didn't pull the trigger. This is a man that collects stray dogs. She's really not the different.
  • Hannibal is creepy! He said that he feels responsible for Abigail too. He should though, he is the one that gave her father a heads up about the FBI. Hannibal is culpable for both Abigail's condition and her mother's death.
  • Will commented to Alana that they had never been in a room alone together. What's the deal with that? Alana mentioned that she didn't want to be alone with him to Jack in the premiere. I'm looking forward to seeing where their relationship goes.
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