Two 'Hannah Montana' Stars on Jackie Chan's 'The Spy Next Door'
Two 'Hannah Montana' Stars on Jackie Chan's 'The Spy Next Door'
Let's skip the part about Miley Cyrus being on the sequel for Sex and the City first, and discuss how her Hannah Montana co-stars are doing.  Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso busy with their music careers and little is heard about Jason Earles and Moises Arias.  However, it looks like more fame is on the horizon for Billy Ray Cyrus and Lucas Till.

You may remember the latter for his role as Miley's love interest on Hannah Montana: The Movie.  As for the former, you know him as Miley's dad.  Enough said.  Despite an unlikely pairing, these two have teamed up to star in an upcoming movie titled The Spy Next Door.

Disney Dreaming reports that the two have pretty much wrapped up on production for the film, which is slated for a January 2010 release.  While filming of the action comedy ended last year, the trailer has only been recently launched by Lionsgate.

The Spy Next Door revolves around Jackie Chan's character, a mild-mannered man who lived as a secret agent before going undercover to babysit his neighbor's three kids.  It's far more challenging than scaling buildings and kicking bad guy booty.  What's worse is that it gets tougher once the one of the children accidentally downloads a secret code and trouble ensues.

You can watch the trailer below, but one can't help but notice how it's just too similar to The Pacifier.  While they do have a pet duck there, it doesn't beat seeing a pig eating bacon on The Spy Next Door (strange, I know).  Also, I'm rooting for Jackie Chan over Vin Diesel.

So you've seen Billy Ray Cyrus on the trailer, and it looks like he's a secret agent too.  That's definitely far from what he's playing on Hannah Montana.  Meanwhile, Lucas Till plays Larry and judging from that clip above he seems like a bad guy.  How did that happen?

Anyway, joining them on The Spy Next Door are George Lopez, Amber Valletta, Magnus Scheving, Madeline Carroll, Will Shadley, and Alina Foley.  Catch the film as it airs in January next year.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: IMDB, Disney Dreaming
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