Mitchel Musso Performs "Let's Do This" on 'Hannah Montana'
Mitchel Musso Performs "Let's Do This" on 'Hannah Montana'
Miley Cyrus' character will no longer be the only popstar on Hannah Montana, as the spotlight now rests on Oliver.  Actor and musician Mitchel Musso will be making music on an episode of the show, when his character joins a talent competition.  The surprise?  Hannah's the judge, but she's the one who looks more shocked at seeing Oliver on the stage.

Disney Dreaming reports that on the upcoming episode "Judge Me Tender," Mitchel Musso will be performing two songs from his very own self-titled album.  He'll be singing "Let's Do This" and "Welcome to Hollywood," much to the excitement of his fans.

It's as if Hannah Montana is hosting its own version of American Idol, and that comparison goes another way.  Apparently, Kara Dioguardi is a guest star on the episode.  You can watch a small clip of "Judge Me Tender" below.  While Oliver's performance looks like good news for his career, his relationship with Lily (Emily Osment) and best friend Miley might just be in jeopardy.

But if you can't catch Mitchel Musso's performance on Hannah Montana, there's a chance you can watch his upcoming concert.  The actor is scheduled to appear in the Roger Stadium in Jupiter, Florida on the 15th of October at 6pm.  It's for a good cause too, since it will help raise money for the Palm Beach Country School system.

Mitchel Musso teamed up with Sound Tree Entertainment and ESB Productions for the event.  This allows 35% of each ticket purchased by a Palm Beach Country School student to be returned to the institution.

Sound Tree Entertainment executive producer Gregory James said about Mitchel's concert: "We're expecting a great turn out of youngsters and families.  Teens love the great sounds of Musso's music, and the wholesome environment his appearances promote."

Also, don't miss Mitchel's performance on the Hannah Montana episode "Judge Me Tender," which premieres on October 18.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Disney Dreaming
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