Miley Cyrus: 'Hannah Montana' Deserves a "Definite Ending"
Miley Cyrus: 'Hannah Montana' Deserves a "Definite Ending"
Hannah Montana's time has come, and as we all know the series is filming its final season.  The cast may be worried about what's going to happen on the last episodes of this Disney Channel sitcom, but the star of the show is already embracing the end.  Well, in a way.

The 17-year-old Miley Cyrus told E!'s Ryan Seacrest about what they're planning for the upcoming finale of Hannah Montana.  During her red carpet entrance at the recently concluded Grammy Awards, she revealed how exciting things were getting for the series that brought her to fame.

"It's really cool the way we're doing it," the singer/actress exclaimed.  "It's not like shows that end and you see reruns over and over.  We're giving it a definite ending because it deserves it."

Despite having to accept leaving the show at last, Miley Cyrus still admitted that the conclusion of Hannah Montana saddened her.  She was asked if exiting and moving on from her character would distress her, and she replied: "Yeah.  Everyday I come to work we'll get frustrated and like, 'Is this right?  Is this how we want to end it?  What do we want to do?'."

She added that these final decisions really do matter, since the end of Hannah Montana really is a big thing for the cast and crew.  "We're like, 'Let's make the best decision we can as a family'.  It's so important, those last few times together, to make it the most important time, spend it with each other and love on each other," Miley explained.

Even though she's already filming her departure from the show, she's still welcoming new projects to keep her busy.  There's the many recordings she's had for Haiti and even more movies coming her way.  But leaving Hannah Monatna behind is a huge leap; we'll just have to see if her most recent film, The Last Song, tops this Disney enterprise.

Source: Digital Spy
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