Hannah Montana: Mitchel Musso Makes More Music, Now with Mason
Hannah Montana: Mitchel Musso Makes More Music, Now with Mason
Hannah Montana stars have always been inclined towards the music industry, as if one can't exist without the other.  Mitchel Musso, who plays the quirky Oliver on the hit series, has already been busy establishing himself as a singer-songwriter.  Next week, his self-titled album will already be hitting the stores, proving that he's more than just a Disney Channel star.

Even so, Mitchel Musso isn't bound to forget where he started.  His family has always been a major influence for him, particularly his brother Mason Musso.  The Hannah Montana actor has revealed that the two of them are actually planning to go on tour together.  Mason and his band Metro Station might join Mitchel this summer as he promotes his new album.

The two brothers have already collaborated on a song for Mitchel's new CD.  The work is titled "Shout It," which was inspired by Metro Station's single "Shake It."  It seems as though another success is on the way, given the response to "Hey," the second song to be released from his album.

While much of his success was on Hannah Montana, Musso regrets nothing about the experience. He even appeared as a guest on Radio Disney and talked about his new music and his character, Oliver Oken.

Regarding "Hey," the 17-year-old celebrity revealed that he really had a great time working on the video.  "Recording the song in the booth was super fun but filming the actual music video was sick," he said.  "The concept was super, super cool."

As for the development of Oliver on Hannah Montana, Mitchel admits that he's excited to see where the character's headed.  "I told the writers on how I wanted to be a musician and that so immediately, Oliver got a band and started doing a lot of music on the show.  That was a really cool change for me."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Buzznet, Just Jared Jr.
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