Hannah Montana: Mitchel Musso Claims He's Not Just Another Disney Kid
Hannah Montana: Mitchel Musso Claims He's Not Just Another Disney Kid
It's difficult to build your own career when you've already been pegged as a by-product of the Disney corporation, as Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso discovered.  He's finding it a chore to detach himself from that label, but he's still feeling optimistic about the outcome of his debut album. 

"Everybody probably sees me and sees the CD and thinks it's just another Disney kid singing," he told the Chicago Tribune.  "I get it.  It'll need to get some airplay before anyone takes it seriously."

Celebrating his birthday this Thursday, Mitchel Musso is trying to his best to achieve something big before he hits another milestone.  He never really thought of pursuing the music industry while he was busy with Hannah Montana.  However, things changed when he realized that performing was in his blood.

"For the past six years, since I got booked on the channel, I always thought, 'I'm not doing music.  I'm not going to be another Disney kid who does music.  That's not what I want to do," Musso said.  "Then one day I start thinking, 'You're about to turn 18.  You don't have to do the bubblegum pop thing.  You can do pretty much whatever you want.'"

He explained, "I went to Disney and was like, 'If I sign, you're going to let me pick whatever music I want.'  They're like, 'That's fine. We'll work with you and push whatever you've got.'"

This led the actor to transform himself, from appearance to lifestyle, and become his own man.  There's hardly any trace of Oliver, the character he plays on the Disney Channel hit show, on him.

"The channel hates me.  I don't know why I'm still working for them," Musso joked.  "I showed up to work with my hair chopped off and dyed black, earrings -- they were so [mad].  But then they worked around it.  They let me be a rock star on the last episode of season 3."

There's also the matter of having tattoos on his body, which aren't fully Disney-approved.  Musso has "M.M.M" on his right wrist, which stands for the names of his brothers and himself.  Another is the one on his shoulder, dedicated to his dad.

"My Dad loved it.  My Mom was a little distraught.  I've always been the rebellious kid in my family, but they love me -- I hope."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Chicago Tribune
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