Hannah Montana: Mitchel Musso Talks Music with MTV
Hannah Montana: Mitchel Musso Talks Music with MTV
You can't star in Hannah Montana and stray away from the music business.  Mitchel Musso, who plays Oliver on the hit Disney Channel series, recently talked to MTV about his upcoming album.  He even gave a little tour of the set of his music video for the single “The In Crowd”.

Music has played a big part in Mitchel Musso's life.  His older brother, Mason, has constantly been an influence to the young actor and he hasn't forgotten it one bit.  The siblings have actually been busy working on their music careers these days.  Mason Mitchell is in the band Metro Station, gaining more and more fame with their song “Shake It.”

“Mason is always there for me,” Mitchel told MTV.  “He's my role model for music.”  It seems as though Mason has left a lasting mark on his little brother, as they share the same tastes.

Even though he plays the preppy Oliver on Hannah Montana, Mitchel assures viewers that he can change that image depending on his mood.  “They see me on Hanna Montana as kind of preppy … completely different,” he said.  “It's either so laid-back I'm in basketball shorts and a ripped-up T-shirt, or it's like I'm wearing tight jeans, a blinged-out T-shirt and my watch and cruising up in my car to a club.” 

While he can switch from one Mitchel facet to another, there's one thing that stays the same: his fondness for music.  Lucky for him, his co-stars in Hannah Montana share his interests as well.  “Me and Miley rarely talk about business [but] when we do … it's about music,” Mitchell confessed.  “She's voiced her opinions on [my] stuff that I've corrected.”

When he isn't too absorbed with the music scene, Mitchell Musso is doing whatever a normal teenager does.  “I'm either in the studio [or] hanging out with my friends.  I like driving my car.  If you're 17, you know exactly what I like to do.” 

Whatever he does, fans will always give their support for him  And he's there for them too.  “You guys want to hit me up on the cellular, (323) 622-8588,” he announced.  “If you guys wanna call that up, leave me a message.”

MTV shared a few bits of Mitchell Musso's new video, “The In Crowd,” as well as some words from the actor/musician himself.  You can see it below.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV Newsroom
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