'Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye' DVD Debuts in March
'Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye' DVD Debuts in March
We're nearing the premiere of Hannah Montana's inevitable conclusion, and that only means the network will be releasing so many bonus features of the show via DVD.  Associated Content reports that the final season of the Disney Channel series marks the release of this special disc on March 9, featuring favorite moments and an incredible surprise.

Apparently, the Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye DVD will be showcasing the finale of the series, along with an alternate ending for fans to enjoy.  If anyone decides to pre-order it from Amazon.com, they'll manage to see the series' conclusion even before it hits television screens.

The basic rundown of the DVD is that it follows Miley as she makes her big decision regarding her rockstar life in Malibu and a return to Tennessee with her favorite horse.  If you look at the front cover of the thing, you see the star with her pet Blue Jeans.  Could that possibly be a clue?

Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye consists of 6 episodes from the Disney Channel comedy, with the epic finale that her fans await.  There are also guest stars dominating the scene, from Cody Linley to American Idol's David Archuleta. 

As for the bonus features, there's Sister Secrets and Hannah's Highlights.  The former is an in-depth look at the character through the eyes of Miley's real life sister, while the latter covers the best bits of the show.

The alternate ending doesn't exactly point to the protagonist leading her double life entirely.  That feature is for the episode "He Could be the One," which takes another look at Miley's love life.  Her romantic interest Jake returns to scene, so that's definitely another big decision for her.

Anyway, you can see a sneak peek of the Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye DVD below.  According to the official Walt Disney Studios website, it's from the season 3 finale of the series.

Don't forget, Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye hits stores on March 9 while the final season of the series premieres on the same month.

Source: Disney, Associated Content
(Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios)