Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Returns to Her Roots at the Academy of Country Music Awards
Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Returns to Her Roots at the Academy of Country Music Awards
Sunday was a proud moment for Miley Cyrus, as she stepped out of the blonde Hannah Montana wig and onto the red carpet for the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.  Held at the MGM Grand at Las Vegas, Nevada, the event saw the teen superstar with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, arm in arm for the night. 

Before their performance, the two were asked if they aren’t getting tired of spending so much time together.  Addressing the press, Billy Ray said, “The dress Miley is wearing tonight is perfect, and so are these earrings because they convert into fishing lines real quick.”  His daughter was quick to point out that he didn’t even answer the question.

“You've been using this joke forever, and that didn't even make sense, but you just wanted to use it.  It's not that funny, you're just upset because I busted you about it,” Miley told her dad.  “That wasn't even the question, the question was about if you get sick of me and now you're talking about fishing lines.  It doesn't make sense — so do you love me or not?”

Even though she probably won’t find out outright, there are still plenty of fans who adore the 16-year-old singer.  She’s been veering away from the Hannah Montana image, which was further evidenced by her performance during the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.  It’s been said that she’s long planned on moving towards a more country music-led career, due to her (supposedly genuine) Nashville roots.

During the occasion, Miley Cyrus sang her hit single “The Climb,” which is actually a ballad from the official soundtrack of Hannah Montana: The Movie.  It might be a while to see Cyrus transform herself from Disney idol to a professional country music singer though.  It’s only her slot in last Sunday’s awards show that attests how she’s taking whatever she can get to prove that she’s determined to re-imagine herself as an artist.  However, this decision of hers might mean chaos for the country music community.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FOX News, LA Times
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